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Choose Laptop Repairing Course Of Superlative Chiptroniks Institute At lower Fees

Inside modern time various points in training as well as engineering usually are increasing day by day. As the numbers of Laptop, tablets and notebook PC end users is mounting day by day as well as difficulty or issues related to these may also be raising related to laptops or notebook PCs. Chiptroniks institute is […]

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Know About Laptop Repairing Course And Their Advantages

In this innovative and technical advanced world, there is a enormous lack of technically qualified persons in organizations such as laptop repairing, Smartphone repairing as well as other technical devices or gadgets. Nowadays you cannot search a person without having a laptop or tablet. This may be carried with you wherever you go as well […]

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power delivery system in motherboards

In this article we will discuss Power Delivery system in Motherboards . For more in depth training , join PCLR Course of chiptroniks or you can also buy our course materials with online support. Power Delivery Power delivery—Why & How Why: Motherboard components need one or multiple stable and clean DC power to work correctly […]

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Career in Chip level Repairing

In this article , We will explain  the essence of chip level repairing together with the happening future of the chip level technicians . We will also explain How CHIPTRONIKS stands tall  in this market . Every year thousands of Desktop PCs, Servers, Printers, Laptops etc are being sold and these Electronics Products becomes faulty/defective […]

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chip level(sample)

Motherboard Components are two types Hole Through Components: Processor Socket (PIII), RAM bank, Expansion slots, I/O Ports, etc SMD (Surface Mounting Device) Chipset, IC regulator, Mosfets, Tantalum Capacitor, Resistors Processor Socket in the case of PIV etc Motherboard PCB Motherboard PCB can be made up of Fiberglass or Bakelite. PCB can be available in multiple […]

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