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laser plus bonding combo machine vd999

low cost laser + Bonding machine use in led tv panel repair purpose, laser + bonding machine brand vd999 very useful and working wise very strong machine, vd intellisys is the first factory introduce in laser + Bonding combo machine, any query call 955366123 Amit Gupta

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low cost automatic laser machine vd512m

low cost laser machine led lcd tv repair purpose, low cost laser machine led tv repair purpose, best quality, best supportm best training only vd intellisys laserr machine, complete training provide laser machine, led lcd tv repair combo laser machine, use in led lcd tv repair mobile repair Laser + Bonding combo machine manufacturer in […]

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COF Supplier , COF IC Suppliers , COF Dealers in Delhi

also available low cost bonding machine NT61207H-C6802A MT3725VB-10260UTE RM92150FE-OA9 RM9216DFF-OFA S6C2LD3-52 MT3220A-VA LS0896BD3-C5SX LS08S6HEASH3-C3LX NT39565H-C5253A NT39892H-C12E2A NT39980H-C5266A NT39985H-C02R4A NT39988H-C02P2A S6C274J-51U S6C277J-51 S6C2T98-30U NT61610H-C0792A NT39992H-C1279C NT61720H-C12J3C LS0610BH1-C2LX 8157-KC521 ILI3723K6CA1 NT61701H-C6015A MT3179A-VA RM7211UFD0-005C S6C2774-82B NT39567H-C5284A NT39504H-C02E8C 5276-ACBR6 NT39530H-C5203A NT39988H-C02Q7A NT39941H-C02Q6A RM76153FL-0C1 RM76320FB-61A NT39823H-C6501A NT61702H-C6804A RM91341FA-903 SSD3273U2R4 NT61227H-C1217A S6CG220-52B S6C2T91-51U DB7893-FT10M MT3179A-VC 8157-RC571 CXD3829F-1 NT62537H-C2562A RM92370FB-801 S6C2B91-61 8157-CC505 […]

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LCD Panel Repair Machine

ACF Pulse Heat Bonding Machine For 10″ to 95″ above LED/LCD/TFT Panel Repairs/Bond Machine has two Digital Microscope Machine has Vacuum Generator To Hold the Panel During Bonding Machine has a Crystal light available cof bonding machine very easy operate in engineer. and provide training our facory as well customer side

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low cost acf cof bonding machine

vd480 Mini Bonding Machine is so powerful and full of features. It can be used for Mobile LCD LED bonding or smaller screens. You can also bond Laptop screens smaller than 15″ inch.
Slim & Sleek Design Front Panel Designed as Per Global Standard
High & Advance Head Accuracy System/Desigen
T Bit Iron Stand
Control Panel on Vertical Front Top Plate
Inbuilt Dust Particles Purification System
Dual Screen Viewer with Screen Splitter
Digital Guage Pressure Monitoring System
14-8S inch LED/LCD Panel Bonding with Better Accuracy
Inbuilt Multi Color Light Dieter Advanced System, ( For Better Track Viewing & Alignment)

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led lcd tv repair laser machine/cof bonding machine

LCD LED TV Faults which can be repaired by laser machine The most frequently asked question is what are the faults which can be repaired by a laser machine? The principle of laser machine is for LCD LED screen inside circuit repairing, that means almost all faults which caused by screen inside circuit are can […]


If You are Looking For the Best Advance Mobile Repairing Instititute In Delhi?

If You are Looking For the Best Advance Mobile Repairing Instititute In Delhi? At that point you can join Mobile Repairing Institute and develop your Career in Mobile Repairing. The Best Part of Mobile Repairing establishment is that here you will get Live-Projects Benefits you will collaborate with your personnel for better help additionally you will get […]

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Laptop Repair Course

CHIPTRONIKS Institute Provides you the chance to Learn and Change your Future with a Laptop Repairing Course. These Courses outfit understudies with the most recent workstation fixing preparing. Through this course, understudies can enter the developing workstation fixing market as a PC specialist or expert. We have of involvement in the specialized training industry and […]

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EEMC Mobile Repairing Institute course in Delhi

EEMC Mobile Repairing Institute course in Delhi Blue Chip Mobile Repairing Institute in Delhi. Mobile Phone Repair & Services with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Blue Chip Mobile Repairing course in Delhi Location and Overview: Established in the year 2008, Blue Chip Mobile Repairing Institute in Delhi, Delhi is a top player in the […]


laptop repairing course

CHANGE YOUR FUTURE WITH A LAPTOP REPAIRING COURSE Chiptroniks gives you the opportunity to Learn and change your tomorrow with a Laptop Repairing Course. These Course qualify students with the latest laptop repairing training. Through this course, students can enter the growing laptop repairing market as a laptop engineer or technician. We have more than […]

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