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also available low cost bonding machine NT61207H-C6802A MT3725VB-10260UTE RM92150FE-OA9 RM9216DFF-OFA S6C2LD3-52 MT3220A-VA LS0896BD3-C5SX LS08S6HEASH3-C3LX NT39565H-C5253A NT39892H-C12E2A NT39980H-C5266A NT39985H-C02R4A NT39988H-C02P2A S6C274J-51U S6C277J-51 S6C2T98-30U NT61610H-C0792A NT39992H-C1279C NT61720H-C12J3C LS0610BH1-C2LX 8157-KC521 ILI3723K6CA1 NT61701H-C6015A MT3179A-VA RM7211UFD0-005C S6C2774-82B NT39567H-C5284A NT39504H-C02E8C 5276-ACBR6 NT39530H-C5203A NT39988H-C02Q7A NT39941H-C02Q6A RM76153FL-0C1 RM76320FB-61A NT39823H-C6501A NT61702H-C6804A RM91341FA-903 SSD3273U2R4 NT61227H-C1217A S6CG220-52B S6C2T91-51U DB7893-FT10M MT3179A-VC 8157-RC571 CXD3829F-1 NT62537H-C2562A RM92370FB-801 S6C2B91-61 8157-CC505 […]

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LCD Panel Repair Machine

ACF Pulse Heat Bonding Machine For 10″ to 95″ above LED/LCD/TFT Panel Repairs/Bond Machine has two Digital Microscope Machine has Vacuum Generator To Hold the Panel During Bonding Machine has a Crystal light available cof bonding machine very easy operate in engineer. and provide training our facory as well customer side

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