Month: May 2012

iSolder 40 : The new magic tool of soldering

In this article , we will discuss one of the revolutionary product iSolder-40. It’s a fantastic tool for soldering and should in the box of every electronic technicians . For sales enquiry , you can call 011-43464998/011-47592046/+91 9971004998 This has been developed  for lead free soldering with wise touch technology and concept of  “variable power […]

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cctv installation

Types Of CCTV Systems The components that make a CCTV or a Closed Circuit Television System are single or multiple cameras, a monitor and a recording device. Well, a CCTV system can be divided into two types- the wired CCTV system and the wireless CCTV system. As is quite evident from the name, the wired […]


RE7500 vs RE8500

Jovy System released latest dark infrared BGA rework stationmodel: Jovy Re-8500,different withJovy Re-7500, Jovy RE-8500 with much larger working platform,it can repair any size PCBA up to 500x450mm and any dimension matrix. CHIPTRONIKS is the official agent for  these machines in India . For any enquiry , call +91 9971004998. Jovy re-8500can be widely used […]


comparison between bga rework stations

In this article , we will compare between various bga rework station.In the BGA rework area, hot air heating and infrared heating are the most normal repairing technique, so, what is the differences between them? We will read in this article the major differences . One must be aware of the application for which he […]


reballing with direct heat stencils

Reballing with Nets – The Direct Heat Myth –  This article is copied from internet .. A fantastic article We will start talking a bit about the differences in reballing methods and elements used. Remember this chapter here is only about the reballing part, not about profiles, temperatures or which machine to use. In reballing […]