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laptop repairing course syllabus1 month

Laptop syllabus 1 month from chiptroniks

repairing dead laptops

Troubleshooting “DEAD” Laptops Our Service Centre CHIPMENTOR repairs around 100  laptops a week and today we will decipher the myth surrounding the dead laptops .  Some of our steps have been taken from internet for more description “Dead” means a different things to different people but usually means from truly dead to “No Display” We […]

chip level(sample)

Motherboard Components are two types Hole Through Components: Processor Socket (PIII), RAM bank, Expansion slots, I/O Ports, etc SMD (Surface Mounting Device) Chipset, IC regulator, Mosfets, Tantalum Capacitor, Resistors Processor Socket in the case of PIV etc Motherboard PCB Motherboard PCB can be made up of Fiberglass or Bakelite. PCB can be available in multiple […]

Laptop Notes of Chiptroniks

Students all over India have demanded Notes of Laptop Repairing . So we cater to the demands of the students . Here is the notes