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VD-580-PS acf bonding machine, led lcd tv panel repair machine has been designed and manufactured by VD Intellisys Technologies P Ltd after thorough research. This product is suitable for bonding of FPC, COF, TAB and LCD panel and PCB. This machine is used across the world and widely popular among LCD repair technicians and manufacturers of TVs.



Repair: FPC, PCB & LCD Screens

Size: 6 inch to 85 inch screen can bond

Types: 2K, 4K, 8K of LCD panel All types of color bands

Controls: PLC (Programming Logical Control)

Safety: Highly Safety Protection

Bond Tem.: 2-3 second (180 degree) Highly efficient

Alignment: Highly accuracy alignment

Bonding Machine

ACF bonding machine helps to repair LED, LCD, TV, of lining issues on panel.

It is a kind of high precision repair equipment for repair various size LED/LCD screen, LCD Panel.

LCD panel repair machine is great and best solutions for panel repair in bonding technology, This is the most high-end technology of LCD screen repair, LED screen repair, in repair industry in addition to the COF loose welding, LCD TAB bonding machine others such as ITO break, short line, bright line, half-line, dotted line, a multi-line bonding machine can be used to repair. This LCD Tab bonding machine with high efficiency, affordable cost, it is widely used as the main device LCD/LED/TAB screen repair of large-scale production factory.

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  • Heating Mode:  Pulse
  • Weight: 210kg
  • Size of Machine (mm): 1050*970*410
  • Working Pressure: 0.35-0.40Mpa
  • Temperature Cure: Factory Reset
  • Peak Temperature: +/-1 degrees Celsius
  • Plane Precision (hot-pressing side):  0.005mm
  • Size of Heat Press Head: 1.2*52mm
  • Temperature:  200-300degrees Celsius, adjustable
  • Cylinder:  Double cylinder output
  • Microscope Magnification:  20-100 consecutive times
  • COF Alignment Display:  9 inch high-precision display
  • COF Trimming Adjustable Direction:  X/Y/R
  • LCD Drive Platform:  Fixed
  • Control Way:  Touch screen + button operation
  • Voltage:  AC220v
  • Peak Power:  500W

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  1. High Quality parts used and machine design is tried and tested almost at 2000 places
  2. Our pressure pneumatic system is very fast and speed of head is fast , where in other machines head comes too slow and cannot exert much pressure . We use high quality SMC pneumatics air cylinder, and AIRTAC(US parts) . In other machines ,cheap pneumatics parts are used
  3. COF Alignment system is very accurate as we use micrometer head to control motion whereas other machine use simple knob based to align COF
  4. Our software is in house designed , and we have operator /administrator login , also system to control the heating rate is in our software
  5. The parts used in our panel of PLC are very high quality. We use heavy electrical protection
  6. Vision system used in these is much better , as we use XYZ camera
  7. Most of the metals used in the machine are of high quality so overall weight is much higher.
  8. We have vacuum adsorption system inbuilt.


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