Career in Chip level Repairing

In this article , We will explain  the essence of chip level repairing together with the happening future of the chip level technicians . We will also explain How CHIPTRONIKS stands tall  in this market .

Every year thousands of Desktop PCs, Servers, Printers, Laptops etc are being sold and these Electronics Products becomes faulty/defective during their warranty as well as after warranty. As it is well known that in the First World Countries, the MNC Companies have monopoly on their products and as such they have tried to dominate the Concept of USE and Throw, secondly the cost of manpower in repairing the faulty devices are so high that the Chip Level Repair Technology can not be justified. As a result these MNC companies who are the manufacturers of Computer Systems and its Peripherals have never favoured the development of the Components Level Repair so that they can sell a complete PCB Assembly of any peripherals at high price.

In developing countries  like India , African nations , the scenario is pretty different  owing to low manpower and economical status . These countries are obsessed with term longevity and mileage . So people  would like to use the electronics components as long as possible . This develops  a huge market fro repairing.
CHIPTRONIKS  which is led by the Intelligent team of IITians , the leader in technology  has been the frontrunner in delivering  technical training developed a methodology for chip level training . Its a common notion and practice that the experienced guys in this market tried to avoid sharing of knowledge and tips they have gathered . But this attitude among the experienced technicians  was a big roadblock to developments in repairing technology . CHIPTRONIKS  dedicated research and development created the feasibility of such training In India  and now students and technicians across the world are flocking to  our labs for such training . Moreover the the component level repairing(chip level) can be done at 80 % of the cost , so the value of this type of  repairing  has increased.
There are so many institutes which provide repairing training at card level but none of them have the expertise and capability to offer chip level  training . In a way the training offered by them are only 25 % . So CHIPTRONIKS attracts not only fresh technicians but also experienced engineers to gain  the fruits of chip level repairing technology.
The advantages of chip Level Engineer over Card Level Engineer will always be there because of better troubleshooting knowledge by understanding the measurements of parameters of ICs and discrete components of which each peripherals are made of.
For example, a DMP printer’s have logic card problem, which will cost about Rs. 3000/- for a new Logic Card in order to Service it, so a Card Level Engineer will suggest to the customers to buy a new printer’s logic card where as a Chip Level Engineer will suggest to repair the faulty logic card at approx. Rs. 500/- and bill at Rs. 1500/- to the customer. Therefore the demand for the Chip Level Repairing is there all over India.
A Chip Level Repair Engineer will get highest salary in any firm a compared to Card Level Hardware Engineer. So those who know the Chip Level Repair Technology are the prestigious and elite ones. Generally any Hardware Engineer who after learning Chip Level Repair Technology should get an increment of about 25%-30% on his salary.
Our all trainers are Level 4 repairing engineers who can handle any type of repairing themselves plus they are aware of the ESD norms and so they can guide the precautionary steps needed for chip level repairing . CHIPTRONIKS posess advance equipments like : Jovy System BGA machines ,Xytronics Soldering station, JBC De-soldering stations , SMPS load tester ,Repower Cell test system,RAMCHECK PLUS MEMORY TESTER , OSCILLOSCOPE (IWATSU SS7840), Point Soldering manchine and many other speciL TOOLS .
CHIPTRONIKS has also developed manuals  for all repairing the motherboards , monitors , laptops , smps . These all manuals are all practical based . Our manuals are even used by many companies .
So I think joining CHIPTRONIKS will  fulfill your dream of becoming a chip level engineer .


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