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CHIPTRONIKS  have india’s finest infrastructure for LCD LED Panel Repair for TV/LED Monitor/Laptop Screen. Our company VD Intellisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd also manufactures ACF bonding machine , laser lcd repair machinbe(VD512) ,lamination & delamination machine. We are the poineer in LCD/LED panel Repair and have mastered this technology for long time . We are also major stockist of acf remover, acf tape and Cof/tab ics in the world. Our LCD/LED panel repair setup has been installed at more than 800 locations worldwide.VD-680-ps is the most popular acf led lcd bonding machine in world.

Our Infrastructure  :

  • TAB/COF/COG Bonding Machine  : We have VD-680-PS tab/COF/COG bonding machine . This machine is famous across the world . We have also VD512 laser lcd repair machine . All the machine are highly popular and designed with latest technologies . Our latest machine VD512 can repair screens without any consumables needed.
  • Lamination Machine
  • Delamination machine
  • ESD Room
  • Huge stock of COF/TAB Ic
laser lcd machine

VD512 laser lcd repair machine. Contact 9971004998

For any requirement of COF/TAB  ic , Plz contact our sales.


If you want to partner with us for outsourcing your repair jobs, you can contact our helpdesk at +91 9971122760 .

If you want to get training on how to learn , you can contact chiptroniks at +91 9971004993 .

If you want to buy our setup , you can contact VD at +91 9971004998



  • R.K Chauhan
    #1 written by R.K Chauhan 1 year ago

    am R.K chauhan
    from Lucknow , U.P
    can you share your whats app no for the sending my LG LCD problem video to you
    my LG LCD TV 32

    Thanks & Regards

    R.K Chauhan
    Lucknow (U.P)

  • krishna rao
    #2 written by krishna rao 1 year ago

    dear sir
    please send details

  • Harishbhambure
    #3 written by Harishbhambure 1 year ago

    Machine prize list send emailed ph 09902494296

  • jaffer
    #4 written by jaffer 1 year ago

    about full details&price

  • jaffer
    #5 written by jaffer 1 year ago


  • nadeem mohammed ali
    #6 written by nadeem mohammed ali 1 year ago

    need price and shipping price to saudi arabia

  • Saranath
    #7 written by Saranath 1 year ago

    I want to repair 5 lcd panels .40′,39′ &22”

    is it possible to repair?iam in kerala,problem is H lines .39” is working with blac strips in few seconds and fade off.

    how much cost to repair this 39” panel ?

    i will send by courier to u
    pls kindly replay to me.

    regards ,
    Servicing centre for Laptop & lcd tv s

  • vijayabhargava
    #8 written by vijayabhargava 1 year ago

    i want to setup bonding machine please send details

  • hasan yıldızhan
    #9 written by hasan yıldızhan 1 year ago


  • hasan yıldızhan
    #11 written by hasan yıldızhan 1 year ago


    #12 written by ALIDADA 1 year ago

    plese price

  • C.U.Jayakumar
    #13 written by C.U.Jayakumar 1 year ago

    I am having 46\” Samsung LED panel with TAB bonding fault can you please send me the details were to bring and what about the Charges

  • ram
    #14 written by ram 1 year ago


  • dobriy
    #15 written by dobriy 1 year ago

    what price lcd 13-50?

  • austine k george
    #16 written by austine k george 1 year ago

    Pls send me the details of panel services. i have nombers of defective panels…if your service in proper way pls send me the details. My watsap no. 9961284024…i am in kerala thrissur ….

  • CMS
    #17 written by CMS 1 year ago

    i am looking for the mchine: VD 680 -PS?
    Pls quote if you avaiable

  • Rida
    #18 written by Rida 1 year ago


    We are in Algeria and we want to have more details about the whole repair solution and course for one engineer. Waiting for your feedback by mail.


  • venkatakrishnaprasad uppaluri
    #19 written by venkatakrishnaprasad uppaluri 11 months ago

    IAm U.Venkatakrishnaprasad from vijayawada. i have one ondia Lcd 32
    inches TV.Recently this tv was shown Double Image. SO we request to you , please repair the tv . Model – Ondia LCO32HDG
    Colour System : PAL/ SECAM/ AUTO/DK/I
    Rating : 100 V- 260V Ac : 50HZ/60HZ/ 105 W
    Serial No: LCO32HDG : 12E4023922.

  • LNS Services
    #20 written by LNS Services 11 months ago

    I would like to get your support to repair LCD,LED screens of Laptops ,Tv’s. I’m from bangalore. how to get support, Please let me know the details.

    • admin
      #21 written by admin 11 months ago

      call +91 9971004998

  • segued hadi
    #22 written by segued hadi 11 months ago

    Hi I am seyed hadi from IRAN
    I need a replace unit for replace flat of LED like the unit of movi of tube do u understand me?
    Thanks a lot

  • vijay
    #23 written by vijay 11 months ago

    need for CCTV course in south delhi training center contact not or address.

  • Manikandan
    #24 written by Manikandan 10 months ago

    Hi sir I want Videocon LCD 32″ mother board service or replace give any suggestions….

  • javad
    #25 written by javad 10 months ago

    I need to purchase a replacement flat device LCD am please you help me

  • javad
    #26 written by javad 10 months ago

    علیپور هستم از ایران
    خریدار دستگاه تعویض فلت می باشم لطفا راهنمایی فرمایید

  • Meranos
    #27 written by Meranos 10 months ago

    Love your products. Would like to come over for training and finally after training to come back and setup a work station for screen repairs using the tab/con machine in my office

  • shaikh minaz
    #28 written by shaikh minaz 10 months ago

    kindly send the details and price list of this machine urgently

  • Milind
    #29 written by Milind 10 months ago

    I want to purchase VD-680-PS tab/COF/COG bonding machine and delivery and Installation at Pune,Maharashtra. Please give me complete specification,Price,Payment terms condition,Warranty and Machine Installation related information( Temperature,Humidity,Dust level,ESD & Power supply). I will be obliged if you send it at the earliest.
    Best Regards, Milind

  • Vijay
    #30 written by Vijay 10 months ago

    I am facing issues with Samsung LED strip on the panel. Is there any way you can help me to get it repaired here in Bangalore

  • pradeep
    #31 written by pradeep 10 months ago

    Hi ,I am from Srilanka .I need to know the price of this machine and would like to get the training on this subject. please email me on

  • hi , plz send me the price details.
    #32 written by hi , plz send me the price details. 9 months ago

    need the price details and specifciations

  • Catalin
    #33 written by Catalin 9 months ago

    I like to buy ACF Remover.
    Do you sell this product?

  • Praphulla Tarade
    #34 written by Praphulla Tarade 8 months ago

    Hi I am Praphulla from Mumbai Thane

    I repaired for double picture LED Sony Bravia 46″ (Inch) after repaired I start the Led and saw the screen Left side is normal and right side is black and some H lines is there how to remove that lines & that black shed

  • Raaj
    #35 written by Raaj 8 months ago

    I am from Srilanka. I need the price list

  • Admin
    #36 written by Admin 8 months ago

    I like the product, the latest educational and highly sophisticated .. I am from Indonesia if I need to I will contact order

  • andika
    #37 written by andika 8 months ago

    What could be the price and other specifications to

  • Matias
    #38 written by Matias 8 months ago

    I want more information about Laser LCD machine

  • sasi
    #39 written by sasi 7 months ago

    HI, my name is sasi. my led tv having display problem and also same problem in desktop monitor.

    i am living in bangalore. could you please send your service center address in bangalore and also send the prize quote for fix these issues.

  • patel bashir
    #40 written by patel bashir 7 months ago

    i need Acf Bonding tape

  • Saul lopes
    #41 written by Saul lopes 6 months ago


    Please send the price and details regardig panel repair machines

    Saul Lopes
    Many thanks

  • Hüseyin kara
    #42 written by Hüseyin kara 4 months ago bu adresten ulaşabilirsiniz bu makinadan almak istiyorum Acf bonding machine

  • Selvaraj
    #43 written by Selvaraj 4 months ago

    I am introducing to set up a panel repair center in Malaysia.. Pls let me know the cost of the machine my mobile No 60192217959

  • aayush gupta
    #44 written by aayush gupta 4 months ago

    pls provide cost of this machine in india

  • Maneet Dagar
    #45 written by Maneet Dagar 4 months ago

    I have two LCD one of Panasonic 32 inches its panel was damaged last 5 days and 2nd one 32 inches Samsung LCD in this problem is from the 2-3 inches upper side shows black n white with one horizontal line in the panel.this is repairable or not. My no-9899702493,9999000471
    Please inform me that
    Maneet Dagar

    #46 written by DIBYAJYOTI MOHANTY 3 months ago

    I have SONY 32″ inch LCD TV(Model- KLV-32BX300).
    It’s LCD screen has been damaged. So, it need to be replaced.

    Please share new LCD replacement cost.

    Address- Sector-5, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.

  • Ralf Schilberz
    #47 written by Ralf Schilberz 3 months ago

    i have a cracked LCD panel from a Samsung UE40JU6070UXZG. How much would it kost to repair? In euro please. Thank you very much.

  • Alessandro
    #48 written by Alessandro 1 month ago

    i have a cracked LCD panel from a LG 43LF510V . Screen model is HC430DUN-SLNX1 How much would it kost to ship in Italy ? In euro please. Thank you very much.

  • Ishwar
    #49 written by Ishwar 2 weeks ago

    I am interested to buy the lcd, led screen repairing instrument… Please send me the details of the product…

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