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CHIPTRONIKS  have india’s finest infrastructure for LCD LED Panel Repair service center and for TV/LED Monitor/Laptop Screen. Our company VD Intellisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd also manufactures ACF bonding machine , laser lcd repair machinbe(VD512) ,lamination & delamination machine. We are the poineer in LCD/LED panel Repair and have mastered this technology for long time . We are also major stockist of acf remover, acf tape and Cof/tab ics in the world. Our LCD/LED panel repair setup has been installed at more than 800 locations worldwide.VD-680-ps is the most popular acf led lcd bonding machine in world.

Our Infrastructure  :

  • TAB/COF/COG Bonding Machine  : We have VD-680-PS tab/COF/COG bonding machine . This machine is famous across the world . We have also VD512 laser lcd repair machine . All the machine are highly popular and designed with latest technologies . Our latest machine VD512 can repair screens without any consumables needed.
  • Lamination Machine
  • Delamination machine
  • ESD Room
  • Huge stock of COF/TAB Ic

For any requirement of COF/TAB  ic , Plz contact our sales.


If you want to partner with us for outsourcing your repair jobs, you can contact our helpdesk at +91 9971122760 .

If you want to get training on how to learn , you can contact chiptroniks at +91 9971004993 .

If you want to buy our setup , you can contact VD at +91 9971004998



  • prashant
    #53 written by prashant 1 year ago

    send prise list with specification

  • Biju
    #54 written by Biju 1 year ago

    I want a training on led repairing by bonding machine do you provide and how much it cost pls send me detail my number is +9779801095959 you can wechat and viber me. Biju

  • Mohan krishna
    #55 written by Mohan krishna 1 year ago


    #56 written by ARPIT GOEL 1 year ago

    I want to know the details and fee structure for Led tv repairing institute.

    Email :
    Mobile No : 8447607704

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