LED TV Repairing Course

CHIPTRONIKS offers the best led tv panel repairing course. It is prepared by much effort and keeping in mind with the latest trends in the led tv / monitor technologies.


led tv repairing

Syllabus Details :- led tv repair course

⇒ Liquid Crystals
⇒ Liquid Crystals Displays
⇒ The Power Supply Board
⇒ The Inverter Board
⇒ The Main Board
⇒ The Controller/T-con Board
⇒ The LCD Driver Board
⇒ The Stand By Circuit
⇒ The Liquid Crystal Display In Depth
⇒ Tools
⇒ Test Equipments
⇒ Schematic Diagrams
⇒ Understanding and Testing Resistors
⇒ Understanding and Testing Capacitor
⇒ Understanding and Testing Inductors
⇒ Understanding and Testing Transistors
⇒ Understanding and Testing Diodes
⇒ Understanding and Testing Bridge Rectifiers
⇒ Understanding and Testing LEDs
⇒ Understanding and Testing Switching Transformers
⇒ Understanding and Testing Opto –Isolators
⇒ Understanding and Testing Volatage Regulators
⇒ Understanding and Testing Switches
⇒ Understanding and Testing Fuses
⇒ Some Testing Tips
⇒ Useful Formulas
⇒ How To Diassamble An LCD TV
⇒ Voltage Test Points
⇒ The Tap Test
⇒ Freeze Spray and hair Dryers
⇒ Connection Problems
⇒ PSU (Power Supply Unit) Failures
⇒ Inverter Board Failures
⇒ No Video
⇒ No Audio
⇒ OSD/Menu Failure
⇒ White Screen
⇒ Rainbow Screen
⇒ Screen Flashes Then TV Shut Down
⇒ No Back Light
⇒ Lines In Picture
⇒ Cracked Panel
⇒ LCD TV Repair Case Histories
⇒ Safety
⇒ Conclusion
⇒ Further Reading
⇒ Websites
⇒ Parts Distributors


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