Month: December 2010

RE-CHIP Module 8(PDP & YOGA Classes)

Introduction to PersonalityDevelopment and English Speaking NamesSentences Translation (Food/Eating) Nouns Pronouns Articles Tenses Interpersonal Skill English Test Paragraph Reading Confusing WordsTranslation (Weather) Modals Preposition Active Passive Voice 10 minutes of Yoga  everyday

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RE-CHIP Module 7(Complete Toner Refilling Technique)

1. Module : What is Printer? Types of Printer- Impact & Non Impact Printer, What is Inkjet Printer & its functions, What is refilling, Toner refilling, Ink Refilling, What is ink Cartridge, Types of Ink Cartridges, Manufacturers of cartridges, Types of cartridges (Black & Colour), Ink manufacturer companies, What is Laser Printer & its functions? […]


RE-CHIP Module 6( Chip level Printer repairing)

Module 6(Chip-level Printer Repairing) Introduction of  Printer, Classification of  Printer , Different sections of  Printer, Its details & Identification, Interface Section, Repairing of  Printer, Testing of Printer(Self Test or Test by computer ) Block  diagram of  DMP Printer and its description, Layout of DMP Printer, Paper sensor, Home Sensor, Front Panel Led Indicator, Carriage motor […]


RE-CHIP Module 5(chip level mobile repairing course)

Module 5 ( Chip level Mobile  Repairing) BASIC ELECTRONICS ü  Introduction of Basic Electronics. ü  Identification and Working of Basic Components. ü  Use of Multimeter. ü  Practical Testing of  Basic Component by Multimeter. 100% Practical Training Knowledge of Mobile Phone Technology ü  Introduction of Mobile Phone Technology. ü  Types of Technology. ü  Working Principal of […]


RE-CHIP Module 4(Laptop Chip level Repairing Course)

MODULE 4 ( Laptop Chip Level Repairing) LAPTOP Introduction of Laptop, Comparison of various Laptop, Difference between Desktop & Laptop, Category of laptop. Block diagram of Laptop & its description of all sections. Battery Stage :- Battery section Description Testing & Fault finding of (Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh Li-ion Battery Volt in stage : Working of volt […]


RE-CHIP Module 3(Desktop chip level repairing)

MODULE 3 ( DESKTOP Chip Level Repairing) Basic Electronics : Introduction of Electricity (Volt, Current, Ac Dc Fundamentals, Current, Voltage, Watt, Ampere, Resister, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, LED etc) Use of Digital Multimeter. What is Circuit ? And Types of circuit Resistance & Colour code, capacitor, Diode, Coil & Transformer, Transistors, Mosfet, Sensor, Ic’s Complete Theory […]


RE-CHIP Module 2(Laptop Basic Hardware)

Difference Between Computer and Laptop Assemble and De-Assemble of Laptop \ Adapters – Types Volt, Amp, Size Pin Battery – Types Volt to check, Different Ampere LCD – Types LCD, Size, Pin, Wideness, Inverter Inverter – Use, Work, Types, TFT Tube Body – inges, Front Panel, Back Panel Motherboard – Basic Types, Block Diagram Keyboard […]


RE-CHIP Module 1(Computer Basic Hardware level)

MODULE 1 ( Computer Basic Hardware & A+ ) FUNDAMENTAL OF COMPUTER Electronics idea AC / DC volt ampere Computer Concepts, Generation, anatomy types of Computer Operating Systems Booting Process Ms-Dos Internet & External Commands Windows Uses & Control Panel COMPUTER HARDWARE & PARTS Identify Of Diff. Parts of Computer SMPS, Hard Disk, Cabinet, Monitor, […]