Month: April 2011

Laptop Repairing course

Here in this video , we have shown the video of laptop repairing course. In this video , we  have  shown the parts of   laptop repairing course .

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data recovery

Big Drive Enable: Allows hard disks over 128 GB under Windows. Clearhdd: Recovers bad blocks from Samsung hard disks. Read tutorial about this subject. Disk Investigator: Disk editor, allows you to read the disk contents directly, reading deleted files data even if the hard disk was formatted. Disk Manager – Fujitsu: Allows you to install Fujitsu […]



ATI BIOS Editor: Edit your ATI-based VGA BIOS. ATI Flash: Utility for BIOS upgrading on ATI-based video cards. ATITool: Overclocking utility for ATI-based video cards. ATIWinFlash: Program for flashing your ATI-based VGA BIOS. Cpucool: Monitors the motherboard sensors (voltage, fans, etc). Cpufsb: Allows you to change, thru software, your processor’s external frequency without the need to […]

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Alexa Toolbar: Search bar and pop-up blocker. Bioslogo: Converts Bmp to Epa files. Epa format is used by BIOS. Boot Editor: Edits Windows XP bootup screen. Cbrom: Change BIOS bootup logo. Cleaner: Cleans floppy units. You need a floppy drive cleaning kit to use this software (special disk wet with isopropilic alcohol). CMOS Backup: Backups the CMOS […]

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6x86Fast: Raises the performance of Cyrix/IBM 5×86 and 6×86 CPUs between 5% and 10%. It is not guaranteed that this software will work with MII or 6x86MX CPUs. 6x86Opt: Package containing optimization software and Windows 95 fix for Cyrix CPUs (6×86, 6x86MX and MII). Advanced WindowsCare: Optmizes and remove errors from your PC. Cacheman: Correctly adjusts the disk cache […]

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Hardware Identification

AMD CPU Info: Software from AMD to correctly detect the installed AMD CPU on your PC. AMD CPUID: Software from AMD to detect the CPU clock, L1 and L2 memory cache, model, revision and supported instruction sets. AMD OverDrive: Program for identifying, monitoring and overclocking AMD CPUs. AMI Motherboard ID Utility: Finds out your motherboard […]

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