• Alexa Toolbar: Search bar and pop-up blocker.
  • Bioslogo: Converts Bmp to Epa files. Epa format is used by BIOS.
  • Boot Editor: Edits Windows XP bootup screen.
  • Cbrom: Change BIOS bootup logo.
  • Cleaner: Cleans floppy units. You need a floppy drive cleaning kit to use this software (special disk wet with isopropilic alcohol).
  • CMOS Backup: Backups the CMOS configuration data.
  • DirectPad: Driver for using videogame joysticks on your PC.
  • DirectX 9.0c: Latest DirectX version.
  • DirectX Buster: Removes the DirectX from your PC.
  • Driver Agent: Searches for the current installed drivers on your PC.
  • Driver Cleaner: Utility that removes all video drivers that were once installed in your system
    in order to prevent conflicts. We recommend running this program before
    installing a new video driver version.
  • DVD Genie: Breaks the region lock of software DVD players like PowerDVD, WinDVD, CoolDVD, etc.
  • Divx/XviD: Codecs for playing Avi movies on your PC.
  • EasyCleaner: Cleans up your PC, removing invalid registry entries, deleting useless files, etc.
  • FreeDOS: A totally free DOS clone. Excellent if you need to use DOS and don’t want to use an illegal copy.
  • Gspot: Show Avi movie files full information, specially the codec used to compress it.
  • HWMonitor: Program for monitoring all temperatures and fans from your system.
  • JP Hide and Seek: Steganografy software, allows you to hide files and test inside regular Jpeg files.
  • KillCMOS: Erases CMOS memory contents. Useful when someone sets up a setup password and you don’t know what it is. Note: since the purpouse of this software is to erase CMOS memory contents, some antivirus programs will detect it as a virus. This file isn’t infected.
  • I8kfan: Manages your laptop fans (speed, turn on/off time, etc).
  • LANguard Network Scanner: Search for security breaches on your PC or on your network. Read tutorial about this subject.
  • MBR2000: Fixes the Y2K bug on old PCs installing a resident (TSR) software that is loaded thru the hard disk MBR.
  • NOBA: Breaks the Outlook XP attachement file block.
  • NTpad: Driver for using videogame joysticks on your PC.
  • OCZ Memtes86: Memory testing software.
  • RAWShooter: Converts photos from RAW format to TIFF format.
  • Remote Selector: Breaks the region protection from DVD units.
  • Resource Hacker: Edits Windows XP bootup screen.
  • SmartDraw: Software for schematics drawing.
  • SpamWeasel: Antispam filter.
  • SSC Service Utility: Resets Epson cartridges chips, allowing you to refill your Epson cartridges.
  • Stop-the-pop: Blocks pop-up screens.
  • System Mechanic: Excellent software for Windows maintenance and customization. Also optimizes your internet connection.
  • Toshiba Region Select Utility: Allows you to change your DVD unit region (even though this is a Toshiba software, it works with units from all manufactures.
  • WebReaper: Download whole sites to your PC.
  • Winkey: Allows you to program shortcuts on your keyboard using the Windows keys
  • Ymark2000: Checks if your computer is Y2K compatible or not.

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