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  • 6x86Fast: Raises the performance of Cyrix/IBM 5×86 and 6×86 CPUs between 5% and 10%. It is not guaranteed that this software will work with MII or 6x86MX CPUs.
  • 6x86Opt: Package containing optimization software and Windows 95 fix for Cyrix CPUs (6×86, 6x86MX and MII).
  • Advanced WindowsCare: Optmizes and remove errors from your PC.
  • Cacheman: Correctly adjusts the disk cache under Windows 9x/ME/XP.
  • Centrino Hardware Control: Controls many features of your Centrino (Pentium M) CPU.
  • MemTurbo: Memory manager, frees up system memory. Excellent to use in computers with low RAM memory available.
  • Rambooster: Memory manager, frees up system memory. Excellent to check how much RAM memory is being used right now.
  • WcpuL2: Changes the L2 cache latency from 6th generation Intel CPUs (Celeron, Pentium II and Pentium III), raising the PC performance.

Mobile Software Repairing


When some fault develop with the mobile phone handset, one can repair it using the following methods

  • Hardware Repairing
  • Software Repairing

Hardware/Software Repairing

In hardware repairing, various components of the handset is checked for faults. One should first check the battery for proper supply and contact, replace with a known fully charged battery and check the handset.

Next, various points on the circuit board should be checked for proper voltage/signal.

If one finds some problem with the components, then it is called hardware fault.

If the fault could not be diagnosed at the components level then the-fault could be with the software inside the handset.

Program to help the mobile phone carry out its different function are stored inside the mobile phone’s flash memory. This program is commonly known as “mobile software”.

This software could become corrupt due to various reasons and could generate different faults. Some of the faults due to problems with the software are

  • Dead mobile phone
  • Hanging of mobile phone
  • Phone automatically restarts
  • Automatic Security Lock
  • Network related problems
  • Mobile shows wrong functions
  • Lose of content etc

Many a times the non-operation of the handset could be due to some fault in the hardware and the software both. If this is the case then one needs to first rectify the hardware fault before trying to clear the software fault.

Various Lock of Mobile Phone

One can also use the software to remove various lock of the mobile handset. Following are some of the locks which can be removed using the software.

  • Keypad Lock
  • Phone Lock
  • Security Lock
  • SIM Lock

Keypad Lock

As the name suggests this lock, locks the handset’s keypad, one will not be able to use the keypad for any type of number or text entry.

Even when the keypad lock is active one can answer incoming call by pressing the keypad keys.

Different handsets use different method to enter into keypad lock mode and to remove the lock. When the phone is in keypad lock mode, pressing of any key on the keypad will display a message on the screen, explaining the process to unlock the keypad.

Phone Lock

In this mode the handset cannot be used to make/receive any call, even though the keypad stays active during this lock.

In this mode, when the handset is switched on, it asks for an unlocking code known as PiN or “Personal Identity Number”.

If this PIN is entered correctly then only one can use the handset. This prevents an unauthorized person from using the phone.

Security Lock

Security lock is used to lock all the functions of the mobile handset. When the security lock is on, the phone asks for the PIN code when it is switched on.

Some handsets may ask for the PIN number even when the SIM card of the phone is changed.

This facility is not provided on all handsets.

SIM Lock

When one buys a mobile handset from mobile service provider under some scheme, the provider may lock the handset with the SIM card in the phone.

This prevents the user from using the handset with SIM card from some other service provider.

Note: If wrong PIN code is entered more then a set time in a row, the phone becomes permanently locked and you need to take it to a service center to unlock it.

Most of the handsets use 0000, 1111, 1234, 8888, 9999, 12345 etc as their default security code, which can be changed by entering into proper menu option.

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