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Is Laptop Repairing has Worth Over Purchasing a New One

Generally, a single cause in laptops creates various issues. For example: error in the disk may be the reason of death of your laptop due to which it is unable to start up. Due to this, it may accidentally and show the red display of death problem. Moreover, due to this, you can lose your […]

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How Anyone Check & Suggest The Best Institute for Laptop Repairing Course

There are various laptop repair institute in Delhi, which provides a broad range of the technical courses to the students. In chip level laptop repairing courses, faculty teach to the students the whole necessary aspects, so that the students can easily handle the repairing of laptop of entire major brand such as Apple, HP, Acer, […]

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laptop repair debug card

Most of the repairing engineer check voltages up to Power on of CPU and the process after CPU get reset signal to the stage where display comes is full of interesting stage. The real magic is how the CPU addresses several North Bridge, South Bridge, BIos rom and system RAM . How does the bios […]

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notebook embedded controller (laptop repairing)

Notebook Embedded Controller Introduction Today in this article I will discuss a very important topic of Notebook Embedded Controller which is a key element in laptop repairing. The  position of the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System, basic input output system) in the  entire system is very important  , which implements the underlying hardware and […]

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Can laptop lcd screen be repaired ?

Good Evening All , Today in this blog post , i am going to unravel the answer to one baffling question , i have been asked many times by our stuents, our clients and many companies to whom CHIPTRONIKS provides consultancy . Can LCD Screen be repaired if its not physically broken ? And we […]

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Bios password Removal

The following post has been taken from great Dogbert’s blog : BIOS Password Backdoors in Laptops Synopsis: The mechanics of BIOS password locks present in current generation laptops are briefly outlined. Trivial mechanisms have been put in place by most vendors to bypass such passwords, rendering the protection void. A set of master password […]

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How to measure Laptop lcd screen size?

Screen sizes are normally measured in inches from one corner to the corner diagonally across from it. This diagonal measuring system actually came about because the early television manufacturers wanted to make the screen size of their TVs sound more impressive. Measuring your screen is quite easy: Learn more tips from laptop repairing institute; Step […]

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