laptop repair debug card

laptop repairing courseMost of the repairing engineer check voltages up to Power on of CPU and the process after CPU get reset signal to the stage where display comes is full of interesting stage. The real magic is how the CPU addresses several North Bridge, South Bridge, BIos rom and system RAM . How does the bios code is run from BIOS Rom by CPU .How is it connected ? and how do we check that the CPU after getting power is ready .There are several signals involved and several addressing mechanism. There is lot of computer architecture involved , but i will simplify things in my coming video. Even though 90% of problems are power related, but if we know this stuff ,we can understand each error message in debug card . So in my coming post i will discuss about memory addressing, Bios rom access, PCI & PCI express connections.

In our laptop repairing training , we put emphasis on complete solution right from hardware to software(power issues, bios issues) .For properly using debug card one must have good knowledge of various bus connections in the laptop.

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