1. Module : What is Printer? Types of Printer- Impact & Non Impact Printer, What is Inkjet Printer & its functions, What is refilling, Toner refilling, Ink Refilling, What is ink Cartridge, Types of Ink Cartridges, Manufacturers of cartridges, Types of cartridges (Black & Colour), Ink manufacturer companies, What is Laser Printer & its functions? What is toner Cartridges, Types of toner cartridges, and colour and black Cartridges, Toner Manufacturing companies, Toner powder manufacturing companies .

TOOLS FOR INK CARTRIDGES:1. Syringes – 4 nos 2. Ink level Tester 3.Head

cleaning Liquids, cartridge clamp 5.Nose Player 6.Cotton Cloths 7.cartridges lables 8.Ink seeling plugs 9.Inkjet cartridge steamer.

TOOLS FOR TONER CARTRIDGES: 1.Screw Driver 2.Small hammer 3.Lock Remover 4.tweezer 5.Nose player 6.cotton cloth 7.Gun blower or air pump 8.Cleaning Brush 9.Glouse 10.Mask 11.Lamination cover Ink refilling related doubts

2. Module : Models of Ink Cartridges – Details List of Quantity & Compatibility ,Models of Toner cartridges – Detail List of Quantity & compatibility

3. Module : Inside Parts of Ink Cartridges: Inlet, Head or Nozzle, Champer or tank, Circuits, Head or nozzle Plate, Sponges, Ink Cartridges Working functions

Inside parts of black ink cartridges: hp 22 color cartridges

toner cartridges- inside, development roller/ magnetic roller, pcr roller (primary charge roller),opc drum (optic photo coating) or image drum, doctor blade, toner drum door, wiper blade, cabinet blade or pin, drum padding powder, ipa (iso propyl alcohol),toner chip, resetting videos, some of the toner inside, toner cartridges.

4. Module :Black Cartridge Refill Method

cartridges collections, refilling methodes, cartridges cleaning, cartridge works, machinary refilling, chip resetting

5.Module : INK CARTRIDGES TROUBLESHOOTINGS : 1.Printer Does not print after refilling the cartridge 2.Print-Heads are blocked with dried ink 3.Print quality is Poor after refilling. 4.There are white streaks in my printouts? 5.Cartridge is leaking, what could be done? 6.Ink is continuously flowing from the nozzle? 7.Low Ink message after refilling?