RE-CHIP Module 2(Laptop Basic Hardware)

  • Difference Between Computer and Laptop
  • Assemble and De-Assemble of Laptop


  • Adapters – Types Volt, Amp, Size Pin
  • Battery – Types Volt to check, Different Ampere
  • LCD – Types LCD, Size, Pin, Wideness, Inverter
  • Inverter – Use, Work, Types, TFT Tube
  • Body – inges, Front Panel, Back Panel
  • Motherboard – Basic Types, Block Diagram
  • Keyboard – Cable, Pin, Size, Touch pad
  • Hard Disk – Sata, Pata, Panels
  • RAM – Types of RAM, SDRAM, DDR RAM
  • CPU – Types of Laptop CPU
  • PCI Socket, Speaker, WIFI, etc.
  • BIOS Settings
  • Changing and Replacing Above Components
  • Assemble & De-Assemble of Different Models


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