MODULE 3 ( DESKTOP Chip Level Repairing)

Basic Electronics :

  • Introduction of Electricity (Volt, Current, Ac Dc Fundamentals, Current, Voltage, Watt, Ampere, Resister, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, LED etc)
  • Use of Digital Multimeter.
  • What is Circuit ? And Types of circuit
  • Resistance & Colour code, capacitor, Diode, Coil & Transformer, Transistors, Mosfet, Sensor, Ic’s Complete Theory & Practical.

SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)

  • Introduction of basic component,
  • Working Principal of SMPS. block diagram
  • Different Voltage Pin out Of Different Cable and Use
  • Trace Out Rectifier, Filter, Oscillator, SM Transformer
  • Tracing & Fault Finding of SMPS, basic Problem and Solution


  • Introduction of Monitor, Types of Monitor
  • Working of Deflection of coil, Degauss coil, Rotation of coil and signal cable connector Description.
  • Circuit Diagram of monitor sections : (Power supply stage, system & system Driver stage, Horizontal Deflection stage, Vertical Driver & Output Stage, EHT Stage, Horizontal deflection stage, Vertical driver & Output stage, Video Pre-Amplifier Stage, Video Driver & Output Stage).
  • Tracing & Fault finding of Monitor

UPS ( Un- Interrupted Power Supply)

  • Introduction of UPS.
  • Working of Relay, Transformer.
  • Circuit Diagram of UPS Sections;(AVR Stage, Voltage Regulator Stage, Charging stage, Oscillator & Switching stage, AC low & AC high Senser Stage, Buzzer Stage & Deep Discharging (Battery Protection Stage).
  • Tracing & Fault Finding of UPS.


  • Introduction of Motherboard.
  • Block diagram of Motherboard, all sections working & Description
  • Description of slot parts & Identification
  • Block diagram & Working of VRM Section (Voltage Regulator Module)
  • Working of circuit diagram VRM Section & all internal sections (Output current sense stage, Input Volt sense stage, Five bit Programmable stage), Testing & Fault finding of VRM Section.
  • Clock Generator section ( Working of Clock generator section & Testing).
  • Description of BIOS Section (Working & Fault finding of BIOS)
  • I/O Controller section (Working of I/O & Description of all internal section :-FDC Interface stage, Keyboard interface stage, LPC interface stage, Multimode parallel stage, Input Output Port) Complete working.
  • Stand by section & RTC Section working and testing.
  • Soldering & D-Soldering of chip components By SMD, Iron & Hotgun.
  • C.R.O (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope), Operating of C.R.O & Troubleshooting by C.R.O.
  • Fault finding of Motherboard all sections through testing flow chart and use of debugger card .(Fault Diagnose through this card coding)
  • CMOS set up utility & Controlling option of set up & on Board BIOS Programming.
  • Introduction of BGA, Operating of BGA Machine
  • Rebolling of IC’s through BGA Machine


  • Working Principle
  • Different Motors and Functions
  • Lance Diagnostic & Setting
  • Fault Finding, Logic Board
  • Basic Problems and Solution


  • Working principle Of Hard Disk
  • Head and Media Detail
  • Bad Sector Removing
  • Basic Problems and Solution


  • Working Principle of Ram, Types of RAM
  • RAM Architecture, Basic Repairing Concepts