3 Tips Any Technician Should Follow During Fixing A Laptop

Are you a technician and people call you whenever they have problem regarding to their laptop/desktop device? I am writing this blog for help you, because i am also an expertise technician and want to share my prospective to the others technicians. First you have to find an environment while you are going to fix your laptop issues suppose a bad electricity can destroy your whole work therefore search an appropriate place for repairing your device.

Dear, don’t start laptop repairing without reading this first. I promise to you that this blog will really help you during laptop repairing. I’ll direct you away from doing silly mistakes that could many technician usually do.

Several laptop issues are often very simple to solve than technician would expect. This blog will really help you to find the issue and offer you a solution to fix these issues.

Always have a backup of your hard drive

If laptop system is still working, make to backup the entire hard drive before you initiate repairing. Copy the all crucial information into a pen drive or a flash memory devices. If your gadget is not booting properly to let you back device up, you may be able to boot it from a CD-ROM storage media and now copy files and and other valuable data that way. I think you should make a habit to take backups at specific time of interval. Many corporate information technology departments regularly take back up their laptop devices.

Observe “service flaps”
Various laptop technician, spend all their time searching at the keyboard and the screen. But if you spend a minute, finding at the bottom of your device, you’ll find there are maybe little plastic flaps, secured with screws or slide clips, offering access to the parts most likely to go wrong and need replacing. Generally, you can take out the hard disk, battery and insert extra memory, and you can also be capable to replace the CPU fan entire without going into the insides of the laptop.
Laptop Repairing Course

Find Your Laptop Spare Components

After observing what is happening in your laptop devices, you will have to replace one or more parts of the laptop. Inserting the appropriate component is the more complicated task during repairing a laptop device. First you have to read the component number and type it into the search engine. Often, you’ll search an official replacement from the manufacturer brand and maybe affordable tools made by other organizations.

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