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Why Tablet Repair Professional Are On Huge Demand?


While tablet PCs are one of the most handy, affordable, and long-term option for portable personal computers in the technology market.

With every tablet PC launch in the market, we see passionate people purchase it like hot cakes. Thanks to innovative technology that we are blessed to use our Android tablet PC to communicate with others, play game, browse the website and stay connected with several social networking sites. Things seem to be fine until now. But what if the tablet PC, you are using, swiftly stop working? You might go on a nightmare. Isn’t it?

Don’t panic. Just like there are various solutions for every issue you can contact tablet repair professionals who can solve all the problems in your tablet. Today there is huge demand of tablet repair professionals. Most of them are trained in observing as well as fixing all sorts of tablets issues starting from repair screen, tablet unlocking, software installation and so on. Now, let us discuss why these tablet repair technicians are on huge demand.

Laptop Repairing Course

Laptop Repairing Course

Most tablet repair professionals are well trained, certified as well as experienced. Hence, they are fully capable of handling all of minor to complex problems and fix them easily.

We, tablet users, can’t even think of going out anywhere without our tablet PC. We depend on our Tablet PC for many reasons. So, when our Tablet PC is damaged, we don’t take any chance and call for professional expertise. Tablet repair professionals then play the major role for all tablet users.

Generally, we are not familiar with all the tools and software installed on a tablet PC, Hence, we need require help from a tablet repair professional when we find something wrong in our tablet gadget. Experienced technicians can quickly find the cause of the problem and fix it.

If you are finding for an innovative career inside of tablet repairing? We provide tablet repairing course that will help you to make a career in laptop, Smartphone and tablet repairing industries.

Sections of a Tablet PC motherboard


Plz find the sections of a tablet pc

How to repair Chinese Apad -Tablet PC


Problem: Chinese Android tablet hangs on boot. Android logo appears and then freezes. It shuts down after few seconds.

Reason: The Android installation is corrupted.

Solution: Reflash / install a new android firmware / OS.

Applies to: Flytouch Android Tablet, Epad, Apad, Iped

The one I repaired has the following specifications:

VIA chipset 8505 / 300 mhz
256 mb memory
2 GB storage
with camera
vibrates at startup (unique for flytouch model)


What you need:
At least 128 mb microSD card

Step-by-step Guide:
1. Download this file if you have the 256 mb version:
2. Extract the script folder to your memory card. If your memory card is drive e, it should look like these: e:\script\
3. While the tablet is off, insert the card to the card reader /slot at the bottom of your tablet.
4. Turn it on and wait for instructions. It will say when to remove the memory card.
5. The unit will turn off. Turn it on again. That’s it. You should see the Android logo by now and wait for it to boot.
If the unit won’t turn on after flashing, it means that you used the wrong firmware. Download other firmware for your Android Tablet.
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