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low cost acf cof bonding machine

vd480 Mini Bonding Machine is so powerful and full of features. It can be used for Mobile LCD LED bonding or smaller screens. You can also bond Laptop screens smaller than 15″ inch.
Slim & Sleek Design Front Panel Designed as Per Global Standard
High & Advance Head Accuracy System/Desigen
T Bit Iron Stand
Control Panel on Vertical Front Top Plate
Inbuilt Dust Particles Purification System
Dual Screen Viewer with Screen Splitter
Digital Guage Pressure Monitoring System
14-8S inch LED/LCD Panel Bonding with Better Accuracy
Inbuilt Multi Color Light Dieter Advanced System, ( For Better Track Viewing & Alignment)

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This article is taken from : Introduction One of the most important aspects of any display you can understand is the panel technology being used. Specifications alone won’t give you the full picture of a displays performance, and we all know that manufacturers can exaggerate specs on paper to suit their marketing. With an understanding […]

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Understanding complete circuit of led tv panel

In this tutorial we will discuss complete details of panel driver, MLG , Vcom in complete details . Follow the presentation Understanding panel drive, gamma, mlg from Vikas Deoarshi

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