RE7500 vs RE8500

Jovy System released latest dark infrared BGA rework stationmodel: Jovy Re-8500,different withJovy Re-7500, Jovy RE-8500 with much larger working platform,it can repair any size PCBA up to 500x450mm and any dimension matrix. CHIPTRONIKS is the official agent for  these machines in India . For any enquiry , call +91 9971004998.

Jovy re-8500can be widely used as below fileds:
Business field
• Laptop and mother boards rework and repair.
• Game consoles applications rework and repair.
• Small and medium size electronics assembly factories.
• Military sophisticated applications rework and repair.
• Medical equipment applications rework and repair.
• Automotive applications rework and repair.
• Light systems and LED applications.
• Home appliance and personal Gadgets applications rework and repair.
• Networking and communication applications rework, repair and assembly.
• Power supply and control PCB applications rework, repair and assembly.

Components type
• BGA on Flex printed circuit.
• PTH connectors, card slots and sockets.
• Metal components housing.
• Micro lead frame.
• PBGA with heat sink.
• Processor plastic sockets.
• Metal Shielding.
• CSP and fine pitches BGA.
• Plastic PLCC.
• Through hole sockets.
• Heavy Mass CCGA & CBGA.
• Underfill or epoxy coated components.
• QFN, VQFN and advanced design QFN.
• Package over package (POP).

Below is the outstadning features for Jovy RE-8500 BGA rework station:
1..Jovy RE-8500 with USB to connect to computer, it is more convenient.
2.Jovy RE-8500 with more human operating button, and no need to stoop you can get things under control because you can stand straight to press the buttons.
3.Jovy re-8500 BGA rework station is equipped with 4pcs thick steel cover with different size holes in middle. They help to rework components with different size and protect the surrounding small components not damaged by the powerful heat.
4.It is with 5 thermocouple slot to bring more accurate temperature detection.
5.The upper heating head can move up and down to satisfy different temperature demand.


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