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Types Of CCTV Systems

The components that make a CCTV or a Closed Circuit Television System are single or multiple cameras, a monitor and a recording device. Well, a CCTV system can be divided into two types- the wired CCTV system and the wireless CCTV system. As is quite evident from the name, the wired system joins the above mentioned components together with cables whereas, the wireless one has no monitor or a recording device connected to it. Each of these types have there own advantages and disadvantages with respect to the technology involved in them. Get an insight on both types.

Wireless CCTV Systems
This system has gained popularity because it is an easy to install system. Lack of cables increases its value in terms of mobility. There are some key advantages of this system:

* One obvious advantage is that, it is easy to move the camera to the place that requires observation. Well, it is difficult to move a wired camera as per your requirement.
* This system is a great option for the places that require temporary observation. They can also be installed at temporary sites.
* This camera in this system can be hidden too. This would help check theft and other kinds of crimes.
* In this system, the recording and the monitoring device need not be in the same line of sight to provide an observation from another remote location.
* This system is not very expensive and is advantageous because it can be moved and deployed as per choice.

With a number of advantages, this system has a number of disadvantages too:

* The wireless CCTVs require a high frequency for recording to take place in the recording station.  Disturbed frequency would mean low quality footage.
* These cameras are observed to have low picture quality.
* The camera in the wireless CCTV system may require an electricity connection despite the video being connected wireless.
* The breakdown with this system is not easily detectable and requires only experts to do the job!

Wired CCTV Systems
In this system the three components, the camera, the recording device and the monitor are connected with the help of a cable. This system is advantageous because:

* It offers good picture quality.
* The cameras can be a located a few meters away from the monitor.
* A single power supply is enough to control all the sensors.

The main disadvantages of this system are:

* This system requires time and man power to be installed.
* It has a limited range of observation and cannot be easily moved from its place.

Both the systems have their pros and cons. The wireless one because of its viability is preferred by many but the wired one is a choice for those who want clear pictures and have a limited budget.

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