Syllabus of Microcontroller

  • Pw/E TEST
    Basic electronics:Power source(AC-DC) Current & Voltage Eleminator Regulator Power Supply

    Pw/E TESTBasic electronics:Power source(AC-DC) Current & Voltage Eleminator Regulator Power Supply

  • Viberators and oscillators,wave forms, Difference between Analog & Digital
  • Digital logics, logical gates Flip-flops, inverters its operation and applications
  • Binary numbers,Bits&bytes Counters&Multiplexers Bilateral Switches & its Application
  • Registers, shift registers, serial & parallel shift registers , data converters (Serial to Parallel, Parallel to Seriel Convertions)
  • Hexadecimal introduction , difference between Hexadecimal and binary Numbering Systems
  • What is microprocessor, types of memory and what is micro controller
  • Assembler language introduction and architechture of microcontroller
  • Special function register
  • Instruction set starting , Arithmetic operations and exercise
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Logical operations
  • Data transfer operation
  • Boolean variable manipulation
  • Program branching
  • Compiler & IC programmer
  • Fully practical class (programming structure,simple Programs,input output programs)


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  1. Rekha says:

    hi my friend..very good your video..i have a perblom with my hp dv9000..I don`t know what is hapenning with the screen because the screen is well and suddenly appear blue or purple strips and small black square above all screen..I have done tests on my laptop? changing the display but the perblom continue..i have disarmed all my laptop thinking of cleaning but i don’t give any solution. Please can you help me with this perblom??

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