HDD/CD/DVD Service Training


What is Harddisk , Use of Harddisk, Types of Harddisk History of Harddisk
2.Sections of Harddisk, O/s Not installtion problems Functions of Harddisk, detailed Explain
3.Hard disk Troubleshootings, File system class (Not Detecting problems, Power Related Problems)
4.Spindle motors Problems, Bad Sectors Problems
5.Media Changing Problems, Zero Bad Sector Problems
6.Fatal Error Problems, Bios Mismatch problems
7.Data Recovery related problems
8.What is CDR, CDRW, Types of CDR, CDRW
9.Inside and outside of  CDR Various sections of CDR, CDRW
10.Troubleshootings (Tray Close / Open Problems-CDR) Power Problems (CDR)
11.CD Not Ready Problems, CD hanging Problems-CDR CD Jumping Problems
Troubleshootings (Tray Close / Open Problems-CDRW) Power Problems (CDRW)
12.CD Not Ready Problems, CD hanging Problems-CDRW CD Jumping Problems-CDRW
13.CD Head detects Problems. CD Writing Problems but Reading Ok
14.What is FDD, Types of FDD, Various sections Dismandling a FDD
15.FDD Not Detecting Problems Power Related Problems, Signal Cable Not Detecting.
16.Floppy Not Sensing Always FDD LED Blowing
17.What if DVD, DVD RW, Compo drive Types of Drives, classification of speed
18.Dismantling of DVD or Compo or DVD Drive
19.Troubleshootings (Tray Close / Open Problems-DVD) Power Problems (DVD), DVD Head detects problems
20.DVD Not Ready Problems, DVD hanging Problems DVD Jumping Problems, DVD Writing Problems & Etc


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