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laptop motherboards huge stock


CHIPTRONIKS  repairing centre CHIPMENTOR  has huge stock of fully tested motherboards with good quality at affordable prices. Our all laptop motherboards are functionally tested also . For new order , call 011-43464998 or  + 91 9971004998

Acer 5253
Acer 4315/4715
Acer 5315 GM
Acer 5517 amd
Acer 5570
Acer 5570
Acer 5732Z GM
Acer 5736 965
Acer 5742
Acer 5750G
Acer 5750Z
Acer 6930G GM
Acer D255
Acer D257
Acer E725 DDR3
Acer Extensa 5620
Acer A110/A115

Compaq /HP
Compaq CQ42 AMD 592809-001
Comapq Cq42 I3 GM
Comapq V5000 Intel GM
Compaq CQ42 DDR3
Compaq 6710B
Compaq 6730B Intel GM 486248-001
Compaq C700
Compaq CQ40 intel
Compaq CQ42 I3
Compaq CQ42 with CPU
Compaq Cq60 AMD
Compaq Cq60 Intel
Compaq Cq61 AMD GM
Compaq Cq61 Intel GM
HP 550
HP 2133 MINI 482275-001
HP 540/6520S Intel GM 960
HP 6520s
HP 6530S
HP 6530S Intel intel
HP CQ320/430/620
HP CQ42 I3 inbuilt CPU PM
HP CQ56 C2D Cq42 DDR2 616449-001
HP DM 3 (PM) 581172-001
HP DM3 PM 58066-001
HP DM4 636944-001
HP DV 2 AMD (PM) 573272-001
HP DV 5TI3 (GM) 607605-001
HP DV 7 C2D DV5 TYPE PM 516292-001
HP DV4 C2D GM W/o Graphic
HP DV4 C2D PM With Graphic
Hp Dv50000 with Nvidia
HP DV6 C2D (GM) DV5 TYPE 518433-001
HP DV6 /Dv7 578131-001
HP DV6000 449903-001/449901-001
HP DV6-2000 i5 590976-001
Hp DV6-3000 603644-001
HP DV6-3000 GM
HP DV6T i3 Inbuilt CPU
HP DV6T-3000
HP DV9000 945
Hp G4/G6 Hm65 GM 636373-001
HP G62 615849-001
HP MINI 1000 (SCALE TYPE) (GM) 516175-001
HP MINI 110 (L TYPE) GM 537662-001
Hp Nx6115 AMD
HP NX6120
Hp Nx6325 AMD
HP NX8220/Nc8230
HP Probook 4320S 599521-001
HP Probook 4420S 599520-001
HP TX2/Tx2500 504466-001

Dell 1015 DDR2
Dell 1535 GM
Dell 1569 AMD GM
Dell 5030 AMD
Dell D510
Dell D620 W/o
Dell D630 With Grapic
Dell D820 with Nvidia
Dell E1501 AMD
Dell E1505 I6400
Dell E4300 with CPU
Dell E5400
Dell E5500
Dell E6400 w/o
Dell E6400 with grapic
Dell Insp. 1440
Dell M5010 GM
Dell N4010 W/o Grapic
Dell N4010 With grapic
Dell N5010 GM
DELL studio 1450 (PM) With Graphic
Dell Vostro 1200
Dell XPS 1330 with Graphic
Dell XPS 1340
Dell XPS 1640

Sony MBX-160
Sony MBX-165
Sony MBX-176 One in one PC M/b
Sony MBX-177A GM
Sony MBX-190
Sony MBX-214 GM
Sony MBX-223
Sony MBX-224 M960
Sony MBX-224 M961
Sony mbx-237

Toshiba A300PM Graphic card supported
Toshiba C650 DDR2
Toshiba L510
Toshiba L655 AMD
Toshiba M300D AMD
Toshiba Satillite-A100 GM (915) Green
Toshiba Satillite-L300/L300D AMD

IBM /Lenovo
IBM X201 63Y2064
IBM T40/T41/T42 with ATI
IBM X40 27R1925
IBM X41 39T5519
IBM-T400/R400 42w8125
IBM-T61 (15.4″) 42w7653
Lenova G530 w/o
Lenova G570 AMD
Lenova Y450 PM
Lenova Y460 PM/Y560 DAKL2FMB8F0
Lenova Z470/Z570 I 3 Intel PM DDR3 DAOKL6MB8GO
Lenovo E43 C2D GM DDR2
Lenovo G470
Lenovo G560 PM

How to Check LCD Screen Manufacturer ?

Good Evening Everybody,
I am  Amit ,senior engineerat CHIPTRONIKS ( VD Intellisys Technologies Pvt.Ltd) . Often our clients ask for lcd screens from us ,as we are leading supplier of lcd screens. So today i came to write this article . If you have any problem or requirement do call us at 011-43464998.
To find out LCD screen model number you need to take the screen out of the laptop and check the back of the LCD screen. On the back side of the screen you can see one or several labels with numbers. 99% of the screens on the market today have manufacturer’s code and screen size included in the model number. For example, screen model number LTN154AT07means that the screen is manufactured by Samsung and this screen’s diagonal size is 15.4-inch. Below is a list of LCD screen manufacturers with their abbreviations:
Acer – L
AU Optronics – B
Chi Me – N
Chunghwa – CLAA
HannStar – HSD
Hitachi – TX
IBM ( IDTech) – IT or IA
LG Philips – LP
LG Display – LP
Matsushita – ED
Mitsubishi – AA
Quanta – QD
Samsung – LT or LTN
Sharp – LQ or LM
Sanyo / Torisan – TM or LMJK
Toshiba – LTM or LTD
Unipac – UB

If you have difficulty determining model number of your old screen please ask us. It would be helpful if you could upload a picture of the back of the original screen with labels in focus and numbers legible. Support team will send you a link to a correct screen.

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the right number or to recognize it. Please submit picture of the back of your original screen for our review following these guidelines:
1. Full shot of the back of the screen
2. Focus on labels or printed numbers
3. Focus on connectors

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