How You Can Fix Laptop Motherboard Problems Under Online Course of Laptop Repairing

Laptop motherboard problems are rare. When a laptop cannot start or freezes during utilize, the issue is usually related to other hardware component, such as a memory (RAM).

If you can identify the symptom the laptop is showing, find the Troubleshooting specific symptoms. Use the tips that matches the symptom. If you cannot identify the symptom or do not see the symptom listed, go to the General hardware troubleshooting section for hardware and motherboard troubleshooting.

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Utilizing diagnostic software (Hardware Diagnostics or Hardware Diagnostic Tools) to test for hardware problems. If your laptop was purchased after 2001, it probably contains a program called Hardware Diagnostic Tools. These software tests the hardware components and offer useful information about any components experiencing issues.Follow the steps in one of the following sections to utilize this program to test the motherboard and other hardware components for issues.

Testing the laptop using the Hardware Diagnostics. Hardware Diagnostics can perform quick hardware troubleshooting at system startup.

To use Vision Hardware Diagnostics, complete the following steps:

• Turn off the laptop.
• Restart the laptop and do one of the following as soon as the laptop starts.
• For laptop with BIOS version 6 or lower, press the F9 key repeatedly until the Hardware Diagnostics start.

Laptop Overheating Issue

Laptop overheating can also be major cause of motherboard problem. A hot laptop is a bad. Excess heat may cause malfunctions as well as crashes and permanently damage your hardware. And although laptops generally put out less heat than desktops, they have their own unique issues. They’re rarely as well ventilated as a desktop, and much more difficult to clean.

To solve the overheating issue, specially in laptops. You have to shut down the system and turn it over. Examine the bottom. You’ll likely see panels that can be removed with a small screwdriver. Open them up and find what you get access to. If you see dust, clean it away by compressed air.

Unfortunately, the real dust issue may be in places that need a more complex dismantling. If you feel comfortable taking apart a laptop, work ahead. Otherwise, you may require to take it to an expert.

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