How To Fix Laptop Touchpad Issues ? Learn in Laptop Repairing Course

When your laptop touchpad stops working, there are a various things you can do to try and solve it or work around the problem.

Test mouse settings

First access the mouse settings & verify the touchpad is enabled or not in Windows Control Panel. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad to work better. Check these settings to ensure something was not disabled or adjusted to cause the touchpad to not work.

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Other USB device

Some USB devices, especially any USB input device can disable the touchpad. As a troubleshooting step, turn off the laptop, disconnect entire USB devices, then start the laptop again to make sure no other USB is disabling the touchpad. If this solves your problem, but the
touchpad is disabled again, the next time you connect the device, check your laptop touchpad software settings for a setting that can prevent this from happening.

Check Device Manager

Open the Device Manager as well as check through the device list and search the touchpad. Check to see that it is enabled. If disabled, re-enable the touchpad and test the touchpad. If it is already enabled, change it to disabled, then re-enable it again.

Check CMOS – BIOS setup

Ensure the laptop touchpad has not been disabled in the CMOS – BIOS setup. In the setup, check the hardware device settings and see if the touchpad is enabled or disabled. If disabled, re-enable touchpad, restart the laptop, and test the touchpad.

Install New Drivers

It can be that the drivers for your touchpad were never installed properly or are otherwise missing. Open a Web browser, search to your laptop manufacturer’s website, look under the “Support” header for drivers for your specific laptop device, and search the drivers listed for a touchpad. Follow the onscreen directions to download and install this touchpad driver. We provide laptop repairing course for the students who want to buck up their skills and keeping themselves on the cutting edge of development in this field which is very important for an expert.

You get a practical training on all the above points mentions above in laptop repairing course in which all types of new and all brands laptops you can trained on with all kind of technical supports.

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