BGA Chips & BGA rework Stations Deciphered !!

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I am Vipin from CHIPTRONIKS (India), and i am writing this article in order to clear some important concepts of bga rework stations, bga chips and their compatibility.

IR & Hot Air : Honestly speaking  GO for high power IR bga machine like RE8500 , more power and complete IR. You can also opt for Scotle brands , as they are semi IR.

Lead Free/Leaded

Its best not to use lead free balls for a lead based solder ball IC as this will damage the chip as higher temperature’s needed for lead free. For lead free chips you can use lead based solder as this will not affect them as lower temperature is needed for lead based solder. Also this will make the repair more reliable as lead based solder isn’t so much affected by thermal cycling (regular and repeated heating and cooling of the chip during use of laptop). when i started my repairing business by seeing the ICH (south bridge) from intel chipset starts with “FW” for lead & “NH” for lead free.

How to tell BGA Chip is new or refurbished ?

To tell if it is new, you need to inspect under microscope to look for scratches, residue, and knicks. New chips are flawless. The under surface is also usually shiny and not dulled by a reflow. Also, most reballed chips are 63/37 balls. factory new would have lead free solder.

List of  BGA Chip which can be replaced with each other without Problem:

As Our company operates one of the biggest service centre with hudreds of laptops repaired fortnightly ,we have tried number of combination which successfully works. This list is purely ours and we do not guarantee 100 % but still i can say it will work ,as al i have tried personally. Even though CHIPTRONIKS is the biggest stockist of ics in the market , but still sometimes we also have to work in alternatives.

AMD/ATI Radeon parts 216-0674022 0674024 0674026

G86-750-A2 was in a Sony Vaio Laptop, replacing it  G86-770-A2 works fantastic.

G86-300-A2–> G86-731-A2 G86-730-A2

G86-302-A2 G86-731-A2 G86-730-A2

G86-303-A2 G86-731-A2 G86-730-A2

G86-602-A2 G86-631-A2 G86-603-A2, G86-620-A2, G86-630-A2

G86-603-A2 G86-631-A2 G86-630-A2

G86-620-A2 G86-631-A2 G86-630-A2

G86-625-A2 G86-635-A2 G86-630-A2

G86-630-A2 G86-631-A2

G86-631-A2 G86-631-A2 G86-630-A2

G86-635-A2 G86-635-A2

G86-703-A2 G86-731-A2 G86-730-A2

G86-730-A2 G86-731-A2 G86-730-A2

G86-731-A2 G86-731-A2 G86-730-A2

G86-740-A2 G86-731-A2 G86-730-A2

G86-750-A2 G86-771-A2 G86-770-A2

G86-770-A2 G86-771-A2 G86-750-A2

G86-771-A2 G86-771-A2 G86-770-A2

Le 965GM for LE82GT965

Secret :
If one solder G86- 770-a2  instead of 730, you must put in 64-bit mode, disabling half of the VRAM.
If you encounter resistance R133 in the plate, remove and R112 instead solder.
If R133 is not present, then take a 10k resistor and solder at position R112.
The line MIOBD9 sets whether the chart was 64, or 128 bits, there will the graph 3V in 64 bits.
This method can also be applied when we have a failure of VRAM. If we are lucky that the fault is in the middle of the VRAM off, it is preferable to do this, instead of 8 chips reboll.



he photo shows the replacement of resistance has to be able to use the 128-bit chips (G86-731-A2 128 bit version, G86-750-A2 G86-751-A2, G86-770-A2, G86 -771-A2).

In this case the resistor R133 was not present (indicated by lower needle) and had to be welded only 10K resistor R112 (in the upper needle pointing)

So i think this article will help solve some bga related queries . If you have any issues , you can comment.

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