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In this post we will discuss about Motherboard of mobile Phone. We have been getting lots of requests from technicians worldwide to release some helpful notes . And CHIPTRONIKS has emerged as the friend of all mobile technicians and students . In this post our  Head Instructor Mahesh Chabbra  will dsicuss the basics of Motherboard of mobiles . Meanwhile Admissions to our Courses are open  . Call on our helpline number 011-47592046 for any query.

A typical mother board is constructed using two main things

  1. Fiber Plate
  2. Copper Plate

These two plates are joined in three forms.

  1. Single layer board
  2. Double layer board
  3. Three or triple layer board

A single layer board is constructed using one copper plate and the other fibber plate. Its one side is copper faced and other is fiber faced.while a Double layer board is made with two copper sheets ad fibre sheet. It’s one side is copper faced and the other is also copper faced and the fiber is stcked between two copper sheets. This kind of board holds electronic components on both of its side because both copper sided prints anre inter connected with one another on proper placesA three layer board is made with three copper sheets and two fibre sheet. As it is shown below.

Basics about Mother Boards

Different mother boards have different views but many things are common in different brand mother boards.first common thing is ,every mother board has radio Section on top of the mother board

On a conventional cell phone mother board there different kinds of mother boards, some are thick and some are thin enough to see easily.The thick and thin tracks transfer current and data to from one part of the mother board to another.the thick track passes huge amount of current in it so it is a very low risk that these tracks will burn up.

A special track which is very thick and makes portions on a single board is called portion is located on the above picture. This track is making different sections apart.

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