Syllabus of Printer

Module :Printer(DMP,Inkjet,Laser)

  • Introduction of Printer , Classification of printer , Different section of Printer , its detail and identification , Interface Section , Repairing of Printer, Testing of Printer(Self Test, Test by Computer)
  • Block Diagram of DMp Printer and its description , Layout of DMP Printer , Paper Sensor , Home Sensor , Front Panel LED Indicator , Carriage Motor Driver,paper Feed Motor Drive , Print Head Driver , Power Supply , Description of 24 V and 5V Power Supply , CPU and DIP Switch , Gate Array ,RAM , ROOM Pin Details , Fault Finding of Printer.
  • Types of Inkjet Printer , Thermal Process , Print HEad , Different sections of Inkjet , Motor , Sensor , Caping Locking , Wiping , Splitting , Mechanism of Inkjet Printer & detail .
  • Function Block Diagram of LASER Printer and its Process , Image Formation (Cleaning to Fusing Process) , Electronic Section of Laser Printer(Formater PCA and DC Controller), Mechanical Section of Laser Printer(Paper feeding , Motor Solenoid) , Fault Finding of Laser Printer. , Refilling

Module : All in One Printer:

  • Introduction of All in One Printer , Printing Technology , Catridge Maintenance , Scanner Technology , Resolution Function keys and Operating Menu, Working of Different Section of All IN ONE PRINTER , Working of Power Supply Stage , Block Diagram of all in One Printer , Working of all Sections(PWM Regulator and motor Driver, Control Panel Circuit , RAM and ROM Stage , Voice Codec Stage, Fax Modem Stage, Line Side Stage, DC Power Control Stage , Audion Controller Stage , Encoder Signal Inverter Stage , Print HEad Cartridge Controller Stage , Microprocessor stage) all Connector detail , Mechanism of ALL IN ONE PRINTER and Detail, Refilling


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  1. Mr.Venkatesh says:

    plz forward the details(syllabus&fees structure ) for laptop repairing course

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    plz forward the details(syllabus&fees structure ) for laptop repairing course

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    and also Mother board repairing , Data Recovery.

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