LCD Universal Screen Tester

Product Name:LCD Universal Screen Tester Kit–90% Passed Test . For sales enquiry call 011-43464998

Product Description:

First of all, we simply explain: this universal screen test kit, the universal means this screen test kit supports the current market mainstream LCD screen: LVDS and TTL, which accounting for more than 90% of the LCD panel on the market.  for some special interface, for example: RSDS etc, this screen test kit does not support,  please correct understanding “UNIVERSAL”.

Important note: this screen test kit no need programmer. DINGKE 2533V in the kit is the full-interface driver board, no need to write into programming, can supports more than 90% LVDS+TTL LCD Screen. Will supports more LCD screen of special size by writing the programm.
in addition, the full-interface driverboard has printed letter on the back of each interface, and definication. We can provide you the line jump instruction for your reference, we don’t supporting technical support.)

List of this Screen Tester Kit(Note: not for all
screen, for most, 90% passed test) 

DINGKE 2533V Driver Board (set with many jump programm) one
4 lamp big-port universal inverter     one
4 lamp big-port to small-port inverter convert cable   2pcs

2 lamp big-port universal inverter     one
2 lamp big-port to small-port inverter convert cable   2pcs

one lamp small-port universal inverter     one
one lamp small-port to big-port inverter convert cable   1pcs

Key-press Board with cable  1pcs
Inlay VGA Cable,1.3M   one
12V 4A LCD Power Supply with power cable one
Power Plug        one
Related Connect LCD Cables

LVDS Cable(10pcs):

FIX30-Double 8    one

FIX30-Single 6    one

FIX20-Single 6    one

DF19-Double 8   one

DF19-Single 6    one

DF19-Single 6    one

DF14-Double 8   one

DF14-Single 8    one

DF14-Double 6   one

DF14-Single 6    one

TTL Cables:

30Pin forward TTL Cable   one

40Pin forward TTL Cable     2pcs

45Pin forward TTL Cable      one

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  1. Viktor says:

    Hello, I want to ask what is the price of the tester, and what is the time when you send it to Slovakia. It is possible with this tester and test of a notebook LCD panels from 10 “-17” LED and CCFL backlight. Thanks for the early reply

    1. Amit Suman says:

      What is the price

  2. manos says:

    hi what is the price of the tester ?

  3. smarak says:

    what is the price of the tester ?

  4. anish says:

    what is the price of the tester ?


    what is the price of the tester ?


    What is the price screen tester kit/

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