hot air smd rework station

CHIPTRONIKS 850 SMD Hot Air Gun Soldering Station

CHIPTRONIKS  850 Soldering Stationc omes with adjustable temperature from 100°C to 480°C. It is SMD Hot Air Gun designed. There is an external calibration for accurate temperature. The detachable handles is easy to replace. ESD safe and powerful design, stability resistant ground. PID controlld closed loop of sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature, suitable for soldering and de-soldering surface mounted. Such as QFPM PLCC, SOP, BGA etc. Hot air station and directly cooling system.

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CHIPTRONIKS  850 SMD Hot Air Gun Soldering Station Features:

CHIPTRONIKS 850 SMD Hot Air Gun Soldering Station Specification:

Power Supply AC 220V (50Hz)
Power Consumption 500W
Output Voltage 24V AC
Temperature Range 100 °C-480 °C
Ground Resistance <2 Mohm
Heater Alloy Wire
Electrical wire 1.2m
Size 224 x 126 x 110mm

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  1. santosh rawat says:

    pls quote me price for quick original smd rework station price..2pcs required..

  2. lucky says:

    pls send price of smd rework station on my email

  3. Please Quote me the best price for 850 Quick Hor air Gun, Iam already using Quick 900 But Iam changing the Heating Filament Frequently, So Quote me the best price..

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