Frequency meter

CHIPTRONIKS Distribute VC2000 ,the best frequency meter with Crystal checker functinality . For more information call 011-43464998



Product Model:VC2000
Product Name:Frequency Counter VC2000
Products:Frequency Counter
VC2000  Frequency Counter


·It is a high-resolution multifunction intelligent frequency counter based on microprocessor.
· Frequency measurement, pulse counting, crystal measurement.
·4-step gate time, 5-range function select and 8-digit LED display.
·Working mode memorized, range and gate time can be set according to the requirement.
·Multifunctional, good quality and reasonable price.


Basic function
Frequency measurement CH А: 50MHz~2.4GHz, Basic accuracy:±(1×10-53)
CH В: 10Hz~50MHz, Basic accuracy:±(1×10-53)
Crystal measurement Crystal slot:3.5MHz~16MHz, Basic accuracy:±(4×10-61)
Total measurement CH В: 10Hz~4MHz, Basic accuracy:±(4×10-61)
Measurement sensitivity 50mVrms
Input impedance CH А 50МΩ CH В 1МΩ
Count range 1~108 10Hz/4MHz
Accuracy ±(2×10-5R3D)
Crystal measurement range 3.5MHz~16MHz (keynote)
Gate time 0.1s/1s/5s/10s
Dimension 270×215 ×100mm
Weight 1.5kg
Power AC 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz


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