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Since the mainstream of the new IC’s  chip package is shifting to BGA package from CBGA,CCGA , CSP, QFN , MLF, it becomes more difficult to do rework or repair on defective devices. Compared to said old type packages, BGA package’s soldering points, a large number of solder balls,located under the bottom of the package and it hinders visual inspection as well a touch up rework. The only possible way to rework/repair already processed BGA package on board is detaching it from board. However, once it is removed from the board then it solder balls are damaged and cannot be used unless damaged balls are replaced.

CHIPTRONIKS offers all the necessary processes from detaching to testing to make BGA package with damaged solder ball reusable and as reliable as new one .  We are the authorized distributor for JOVY SYSTEMS . For more details visit

JOVY Reballing Kit

In three type of products JOVY covers most of the >BGA IC chip packages in the most of the electronic industries , by launching  the standard type JV-RKS  with 12 BGA mask to serve reworking on most of BGA packages shape dimensions . The cell phone type JV-RKC with  52 Bga mask fulfill any desired in repairer dream in rework  and reball any  kind of the BGA or FBGA used in all known brands.

The X-box limited edition type JV-RKX with two BGA mask designed to rework and renew bad solder joints ion the GPU, CPU and the South bridge video ic .

JPVY sphere solder balls in three stander size 0.25 , 0.50 and 0.76 make re-balling process very easy and cost effective for any rework place.


JOVY Cell phone chips REBALLING KIT

With a collection of 52 BGA mask almost the up to date shape and sizes of mobile phone used chips and JOVY supports also to tailor made service for any special BGA mask in request. The stencil sheets of the masks designed to apply easily with high temperature safe from deforming or remodeling . Easy to use ad 2.30 minute elapsed process time make it one of the most cost effective  and wanted from  many repairers and service centers.


Special edition from BGA reball mask requestd from many of JOVY clients lead the company to meet the market demand of the most wanted repair tools for the famous Micro Soft drop in ring of death and two light flash damaged of their x-box mother PCB’s with a normal ReBALLING JIG from JOVY and three of special material made BGA mask of 1.00 mm and special two for the GPU and the north bridge JOVY offered to wide range a simple solution to repair that drop. Also safe heat technology form the RE-7500 provides multi reflow and repair to the chips , even micro soft chip manufacturer recommendations of limited reflow more than 3 times. JOVY technology and safe heat method allow multi reflow for these chips.

JOVY Fast and Efficient sphere balls

Using sphere balls , the time needed to put balls each process is only a few minutes more than the time to use  solder paste on one part. using sphere ball with those parts could also all have different pitches , array patterns, ball diameters , and even ball alloys . Sphere balls tend to work quite well with JOVY reflow system , and are well suited to use  alongside most rework stations.

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  1. Ankit Gupta says:

    sir kindly tell me the cost of bga reballing kit & battery tester .

    & is there any short training program for bga reballing ….

  2. santosh rawat says:

    tell me price of latest direct heat bga stencils.
    qty 2set. 322pcs./set

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