LCD Repair

CHIPTRONIKS  have india’s finest infrastructure for LCD LED Panel Repair service center and for TV/LED Monitor/Laptop Screen. Our company VD Intellisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd also manufactures ACF bonding machine , laser lcd repair machinbe(VD512) ,lamination & delamination machine. We are the poineer in LCD/LED panel Repair and have mastered this technology for long time . We are also major stockist of acf remover, acf tape and Cof/tab ics in the world. Our LCD/LED panel repair setup has been installed at more than 800 locations worldwide.VD-680-ps is the most popular acf led lcd bonding machine in world.

Our Infrastructure  :

  • TAB/COF/COG Bonding Machine  : We have VD-680-PS tab/COF/COG bonding machine . This machine is famous across the world . We have also VD512 laser lcd repair machine . All the machine are highly popular and designed with latest technologies . Our latest machine VD512 can repair screens without any consumables needed.
  • Lamination Machine
  • Delamination machine
  • ESD Room
  • Huge stock of COF/TAB Ic

For any requirement of COF/TAB  ic , Plz contact our sales.


If you want to partner with us for outsourcing your repair jobs, you can contact our helpdesk at +91 9971122760 .

If you want to get training on how to learn , you can contact chiptroniks at +91 9971004993 .

If you want to buy our setup , you can contact VD at +91 9971004998



  • R.K Chauhan
    #1 written by R.K Chauhan 2 years ago

    am R.K chauhan
    from Lucknow , U.P
    can you share your whats app no for the sending my LG LCD problem video to you
    my LG LCD TV 32

    Thanks & Regards

    R.K Chauhan
    Lucknow (U.P)

  • krishna rao
    #2 written by krishna rao 2 years ago

    dear sir
    please send details

  • Harishbhambure
    #3 written by Harishbhambure 2 years ago

    Machine prize list send emailed ph 09902494296

  • jaffer
    #4 written by jaffer 2 years ago

    about full details&price

  • jaffer
    #5 written by jaffer 2 years ago


  • nadeem mohammed ali
    #6 written by nadeem mohammed ali 2 years ago

    need price and shipping price to saudi arabia

  • Saranath
    #7 written by Saranath 2 years ago

    I want to repair 5 lcd panels .40′,39′ &22”

    is it possible to repair?iam in kerala,problem is H lines .39” is working with blac strips in few seconds and fade off.

    how much cost to repair this 39” panel ?

    i will send by courier to u
    pls kindly replay to me.

    regards ,
    Servicing centre for Laptop & lcd tv s

  • vijayabhargava
    #8 written by vijayabhargava 2 years ago

    i want to setup bonding machine please send details

  • hasan yıldızhan
    #9 written by hasan yıldızhan 2 years ago


  • hasan yıldızhan
    #11 written by hasan yıldızhan 2 years ago


    #12 written by ALIDADA 2 years ago

    plese price

  • C.U.Jayakumar
    #13 written by C.U.Jayakumar 2 years ago

    I am having 46\” Samsung LED panel with TAB bonding fault can you please send me the details were to bring and what about the Charges

  • ram
    #14 written by ram 2 years ago


  • dobriy
    #15 written by dobriy 2 years ago

    what price lcd 13-50?

  • austine k george
    #16 written by austine k george 2 years ago

    Pls send me the details of panel services. i have nombers of defective panels…if your service in proper way pls send me the details. My watsap no. 9961284024…i am in kerala thrissur ….

  • CMS
    #17 written by CMS 2 years ago

    i am looking for the mchine: VD 680 -PS?
    Pls quote if you avaiable

  • Rida
    #18 written by Rida 2 years ago


    We are in Algeria and we want to have more details about the whole repair solution and course for one engineer. Waiting for your feedback by mail.


  • venkatakrishnaprasad uppaluri
    #19 written by venkatakrishnaprasad uppaluri 2 years ago

    IAm U.Venkatakrishnaprasad from vijayawada. i have one ondia Lcd 32
    inches TV.Recently this tv was shown Double Image. SO we request to you , please repair the tv . Model – Ondia LCO32HDG
    Colour System : PAL/ SECAM/ AUTO/DK/I
    Rating : 100 V- 260V Ac : 50HZ/60HZ/ 105 W
    Serial No: LCO32HDG : 12E4023922.

  • LNS Services
    #20 written by LNS Services 2 years ago

    I would like to get your support to repair LCD,LED screens of Laptops ,Tv’s. I’m from bangalore. how to get support, Please let me know the details.

    • admin
      #21 written by admin 2 years ago

      call +91 9971004998

  • segued hadi
    #22 written by segued hadi 2 years ago

    Hi I am seyed hadi from IRAN
    I need a replace unit for replace flat of LED like the unit of movi of tube do u understand me?
    Thanks a lot

  • vijay
    #23 written by vijay 2 years ago

    need for CCTV course in south delhi training center contact not or address.

  • Manikandan
    #24 written by Manikandan 2 years ago

    Hi sir I want Videocon LCD 32″ mother board service or replace give any suggestions….

  • javad
    #25 written by javad 2 years ago

    I need to purchase a replacement flat device LCD am please you help me

  • javad
    #26 written by javad 2 years ago

    علیپور هستم از ایران
    خریدار دستگاه تعویض فلت می باشم لطفا راهنمایی فرمایید

  • Meranos
    #27 written by Meranos 2 years ago

    Love your products. Would like to come over for training and finally after training to come back and setup a work station for screen repairs using the tab/con machine in my office

  • shaikh minaz
    #28 written by shaikh minaz 2 years ago

    kindly send the details and price list of this machine urgently

  • Milind
    #29 written by Milind 2 years ago

    I want to purchase VD-680-PS tab/COF/COG bonding machine and delivery and Installation at Pune,Maharashtra. Please give me complete specification,Price,Payment terms condition,Warranty and Machine Installation related information( Temperature,Humidity,Dust level,ESD & Power supply). I will be obliged if you send it at the earliest.
    Best Regards, Milind

  • Vijay
    #30 written by Vijay 2 years ago

    I am facing issues with Samsung LED strip on the panel. Is there any way you can help me to get it repaired here in Bangalore

  • pradeep
    #31 written by pradeep 2 years ago

    Hi ,I am from Srilanka .I need to know the price of this machine and would like to get the training on this subject. please email me on

  • hi , plz send me the price details.
    #32 written by hi , plz send me the price details. 2 years ago

    need the price details and specifciations

  • Catalin
    #33 written by Catalin 2 years ago

    I like to buy ACF Remover.
    Do you sell this product?

  • Praphulla Tarade
    #34 written by Praphulla Tarade 2 years ago

    Hi I am Praphulla from Mumbai Thane

    I repaired for double picture LED Sony Bravia 46″ (Inch) after repaired I start the Led and saw the screen Left side is normal and right side is black and some H lines is there how to remove that lines & that black shed

  • Raaj
    #35 written by Raaj 2 years ago

    I am from Srilanka. I need the price list

  • Admin
    #36 written by Admin 2 years ago

    I like the product, the latest educational and highly sophisticated .. I am from Indonesia if I need to I will contact order

  • andika
    #37 written by andika 2 years ago

    What could be the price and other specifications to

  • Matias
    #38 written by Matias 2 years ago

    I want more information about Laser LCD machine

  • sasi
    #39 written by sasi 2 years ago

    HI, my name is sasi. my led tv having display problem and also same problem in desktop monitor.

    i am living in bangalore. could you please send your service center address in bangalore and also send the prize quote for fix these issues.

  • patel bashir
    #40 written by patel bashir 2 years ago

    i need Acf Bonding tape

  • Saul lopes
    #41 written by Saul lopes 1 year ago


    Please send the price and details regardig panel repair machines

    Saul Lopes
    Many thanks

  • Hüseyin kara
    #42 written by Hüseyin kara 1 year ago bu adresten ulaşabilirsiniz bu makinadan almak istiyorum Acf bonding machine

  • Selvaraj
    #43 written by Selvaraj 1 year ago

    I am introducing to set up a panel repair center in Malaysia.. Pls let me know the cost of the machine my mobile No 60192217959

  • aayush gupta
    #44 written by aayush gupta 1 year ago

    pls provide cost of this machine in india

  • Maneet Dagar
    #45 written by Maneet Dagar 1 year ago

    I have two LCD one of Panasonic 32 inches its panel was damaged last 5 days and 2nd one 32 inches Samsung LCD in this problem is from the 2-3 inches upper side shows black n white with one horizontal line in the panel.this is repairable or not. My no-9899702493,9999000471
    Please inform me that
    Maneet Dagar

    #46 written by DIBYAJYOTI MOHANTY 1 year ago

    I have SONY 32″ inch LCD TV(Model- KLV-32BX300).
    It’s LCD screen has been damaged. So, it need to be replaced.

    Please share new LCD replacement cost.

    Address- Sector-5, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.

  • Ralf Schilberz
    #47 written by Ralf Schilberz 1 year ago

    i have a cracked LCD panel from a Samsung UE40JU6070UXZG. How much would it kost to repair? In euro please. Thank you very much.

  • Alessandro
    #48 written by Alessandro 1 year ago

    i have a cracked LCD panel from a LG 43LF510V . Screen model is HC430DUN-SLNX1 How much would it kost to ship in Italy ? In euro please. Thank you very much.

  • Ishwar
    #49 written by Ishwar 1 year ago

    I am interested to buy the lcd, led screen repairing instrument… Please send me the details of the product…

  • Shaik Fayaz
    #50 written by Shaik Fayaz 1 year ago

    I am interested to buy the lcd, led screen repairing instrument… Please send me the details of the product…

  • Shaik Fayaz
    #51 written by Shaik Fayaz 1 year ago

    lcd, led screen repairing instrument… pries
    please my cell no. 8639191510….

  • amit kumar
    #52 written by amit kumar 1 year ago


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