Laptop Card Level Course

Chiptroniks laptop card level course is very different from regular card level courses taught at most of the institute. Our laptop card level repairing course covers the very practical approach which is followed in service centre. Basically we teach the laptop card level repairing tricks by which the technician can solve the problem in a very thorough and professional manner.
Module: 1

Basic fundamentals of Laptop Card Level

  • Computer and Laptop Differences.
  • Assembling and de-assembling of different models of laptop by use of laptop opening tools
  • Block diagram of laptop functioning.
  • Formatting and Partition.

Installation of Windows and driver in laptop

  • Installing windows xp1,2,3, Server 2003, Vista home , Windows 7, Server 2008, window 8.
  • Online Driver Installation and use of automated driver installation software
  • Offline Driver Installation.
  • Driver Backup and Restore.
  • Windows Backup & Restore by use of inherent windows function and use of specialized backup tools.

How to Install Application software in laptop

  • Partition Magic
  • Data Recovery
  • Bootable USB maker
  • Office 2010
  • ERD commander
  • Installation and Removel of Antivirus
  • Accronic
  • Password Breaker software

Identification of laptop part

  • Adapters: Types, work, volt, Ampere, pin detail, Basic problem.
  • Battery: Types of Battery, work, volt, pin detail, Basic problem.
  • LCD: Types LCD, Company, size, Wideness.
  • Inverter: types of Inverter, pin detail.
  • Hard disk:- Type of Hard disk, Company.
  • Keyboard: Type of keyboard, Basic problem.
  • Body: Hinges size, Front Panel, back Panel.
  • Motherboard:- Type of Motherboard, company, Identify.
  • Ram: Types of RAM, Company , pin detail, volt.
  • CPU: Types of Laptop CPU, Identify.
  • CD/DVD: Type, company, Basic problem.
  • Troubleshooting of all laptop parts problem and its solution step wise. We emphasis on step by step laptop repairing


We will cover Problems of Laptop at Laptop repairing institute

  • Block Diagram of different laptop motherboard.Complete description of laptop block diagram
  • Identification of IC’s and IC’s name.
  • Laptop Dead problem solution by step by step approach
  • Laptop overheating and shutdown problem.
  • Adaptor not working and not charging problem.
  • Battery not charging problem.
  • Webcam problem.
  • USB not work problem.
  • Touch pad left and right button not work.
  • Touch pad hang problem.
  • Some key not work of keyboard.
  • Hard disk detection problem.
  • External sound not come problem.
  • Bluetooth not work problem.
  • One USB port not work problem.
  • DVD writer Data read problem.
  • Dim display problem.
  • Lan problem.
  • Different Laptop Bios setting concept.
  • Laptop Password removing (admin and c-mos setup) methods.
  • Different Laptop Bios setting practice.
  • Shortcut methods of Diagnosis.
  • How to Replace Battery cells inside laptop battery.
  • How to Bypass Windows 7 logon password in 3 Steps.
  • Basic Cleaning and washing method of Motherboard.

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