CCTV Repairing Course

cctv camera training courseCHIPTRONIKS , the defacto brand  of the repairing industry has launched the full fledged course for the CCTV Repairing course and maintenance . We are completely devoted to the repairing industry and therefore have prepared a comprehensive course on CCTV repairing and maintenance .

Modules of CCTV Repairing Course institute

(Professional Certificate in CCTV Repairing) : 2 months

Chiptroniks offers 2-months  advanced course in cctv camera repairing, surveillance system, cc Camera ,CCTV System and provide Professional certificate in CCTV Camera Repairing course.  Chiptroniks Training course cover the entire CCTV system planning and design components such as camera, lenses, DVR. 


1. What are CCTV systems ?
2. What are Security Systems ?
3. How Television Works ?
4. Television System


cctv repairing course

  1. Designing a CCTV System
  2. Aims of a surveillance camera system
  3. System design elements
  4. Conditions for equipment selections
  5. Camera Installation

3. Camera Selection

  1. Types of cameras used in CCTV systems
  2. Power Supply Systems
  3. Camera Performance
  4. Camera Functions
  5. Synchronization methods
  6. Camera Mounts

4.Lens Selection

  1. Angle of view settings
  2. Lens Mount
  3. Auto-Iris lens
  4. Types of lenses
  5. Lens Selection

5. Monitor Selection

  1. Monitors
  2. Reduced image scale on monitors
  3. Notes on monitor installation

6. Switcher Selection & Video Recording

  1. Sequential Switcher
  2. Mufti-Viewer
  3. Matrix switcher
  4. Multiplexer
  5. Time-lapse VCR recordings
  6. Digital video recorders (DVRs)


  1. Infrared sensors
  2. Passive sensors
  3. Motion detectors


  1. Remote-controlled surveillance
  2. Network camera system

9.Video Signal and Control Signal Transmission

  1. Coaxial Cables
  2. Twisted-pair cable transmission
  3. Control signal circuits
  4. Electrical Power Construction Requirements
  5. Making Drawings
  6. Preparing block diagrams
  7. CCTV drawing Symbols

10.  Chip level Repairing

  1. Basic Electronics : testing and identification of all basic electronics components through multimeter
  2. Block Diagrams of DVR & Tracing

11. Networking :

  1. Networking Overview
  2. Introduction to TCP/IP
  3. Subnet Masks
  4. Gateway address
  5. Virtual ports
  6. Pre-installation
  7. what type of network connection
  8. Simple One to One Connection
  9. Direct High Speed Modem Connection
  10. Router or LAN Connection
  11. Linksys Port Forwarding
  12. Dynamic DNS
  13. D-Link Forwarding
  14. Dynamic DNS
  15. DDNS
  16. Creating a DDNS Account
  17. Viewing through Internet Explorer

12. Other Security Systems :

1. Video-Door Phone system

2. Biometric Attendance System


    The basic theory of television and CCTV
    · The foundations of digital CCTV and IP
    · Setting up black and white and colour display screens
    · The composite video signal
    · Setting up, back focusing and zoom tracking cameras
    · Selecting and applying appropriate lenses and filters
    · Understanding different lighting parameters for CCTV cameras
    · Practical lens calculations and the Operational Requirement
    · Handling video and data storage media. Setting up digital video recorders
    · Selecting, connecting and installing cables
    · Use of oscilloscopes, bar generators and other test equipment
    · Commissioning, fault finding and routine maintenance
    · Selecting and applying function switches on cameras
    · Direct drive, video iris, varifocal, aspherical, zoom and manual lenses
    · Installing fixed focus cameras into housings
    · Setting up and programming domes
    · Wiring a fully functional camera (PTZ)
    · Connections over coaxial cable
    · Installing cameras over twisted pair
    · Setting up and terminating display screens
    · Fibre optics
    · Legal considerations
    · Standards
    · Health and safety

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