Due to increasing demand from students world over , we are releasing our study materials  for our all courses . We have also reduced the prices of our study materials to fulfill demands of ever growing developing countries. Meanwhile Vocation training organizations , NGOs and Govt bodies can contact us for bulk discount on the books . We also offer customized materials according to the need

1. PCLR( Professional Certificate in Laptop/Desktop Repairing) Study materials

Cost : $95 /=


After long man hours of research these books has been released for the Public .

2. Laptop Schematic Diagrams(For advanced professional) :

We have created a collection of laptop schematics and circuit diagram .We have covered almost all brands HP,Dell, Toshiba,Acer,LG,Samsung,Sony,Compal,Lenovo,IBM,Compaq, Fujitsu,APPLE.

This is the most comphrensive  circuit book and must for any laptop repairing engineer

Cost :$30


3. PCMR ( Professional Certificate in Mobile Repairing) Study materials


4. PCPR( Professional Certificate in Printer Repairing) Study materials

Cost : $50


Steps for getting these books
1. Use Paypal to pay the price
2. All drafts/Cheque must be made in favour of “V D Intellisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” only . Draft/cheque made other than this will not be accepted .
A Division of V D Intellisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
69 (2ndFloor)
Mall Road , Kingsway Camp
Delhi -09
Ph : 011-47592046
email :
3. Western Union  :
You can also send us the course fee by Western Union  . For details , email .

81 thoughts on “Books”

  1. srjangid says:

    I would like to know more about repairing laptop motherboards & dashtop mother board at chip level. Is there an online course available. If so, can you please provide me with more information.

  2. ashok says:

    I want details about online laptop chip level course,
    including study materials

  3. manoj says:

    sir do u have any office in lucknow where i purchased these books 1. PCLR( Professional Certificate in Laptop/Desktop Repairing) Study materials

    plz reply fast

  4. solid says:

    i want to know if CHIPTRONIKS offer an online course on all LCD TV screen problems and how to fix them,such as fixing dead pixels,freeze screen problems,stuck pixels and all related lcd tv screen problems if yes i want you to send me details now then if NO refer me or recomend expert for me thanks waiting for your reply bye

  5. sanjay maurya says:

    Sir. Books hindi men likhi hui hain ya sirf english me hi likhi hui hai .

  6. Raj says:

    How long do you take to send books that bought already

  7. azmath says:

    Hi Actually I want to buy yours Laptop Schematic Diagrams (For advanced professional) : Can you send me one of your schematic diagrams(sample) So I can buy
    if it’s good

  8. Odewale Ranti says:

    i don’t have a Papal Account how can I pay for this books

  9. Azarudeen says:

    Do you have any sample circuit diagram for laptop? If yes Send to my mail id. I would like to purchase all the laptop and desktop schematic circuit diagrams.

  10. shivaji says:

    What will be the cost in rupees for PCLR COURCE MATERIAL.
    MAY I HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO ONLINE Transfer the amount as i am not having pay pal idea

  11. G.Gangadhar says:

    I would like to purchase pclr study material and laptop schematic diagrams

  12. G.Gangadhar says:

    I am from hyderabad (india) where to find these books

  13. vinay says:

    I have need book

  14. patrick says:

    hi, i need book for lcd panel troubleshoot and repairs

  15. tochi says:

    pls i need PCLR( Professional Certificate in Laptop/Desktop Repairing) Study materials and how can i buy this book.

  16. ikenna says:

    please where do you have your office in nigeria. i need the complete video courses and books on laptop repairing…please respond faster..

  17. emmanuel says:

    any matterial or online course on laptop repairs at chip level

  18. Buddhika says:

    Dear sir,
    I need to buy 1. PCLR( Professional Certificate in Laptop/Desktop Repairing) Study materials. is this books are pdf document or any other format?I ready to buy this today. please send me instruction. my email is
    Thank you!

  19. Stephen says:

    I will like to Professional Certificate in Laptops Repairs and also the schematic diagram. How will I go about it.

  20. Stephen says:

    I will like to buy PCLR STUDY Materials and the schematic diagram. Pls how can I make payment. My email address is thank you.

  21. says:

    I from south Africa how I get enrollment in your college hassannizamie

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