Like a potterman  moulds clay into beautiful earthen pots , the same way Chiptroniks hoans & trains young minds , transforming them into Successful persons .That is why Chiptroniks have carved a respectable image in minds of students . Our Courses are suitable for all kinds of students . Even without a background of electronics , students are able to learn any of the hardware courses without any hassle .

We encourage our future students to get their any queries solved in Chiptroniks Center . Our adept Counsellors will help you in deciding the future plans.

Students joining our course :

1.Mobile Repairing : from Class 8 to any age

2. Laptop repairing : after class 10

3. Hardware Networking : after Class 12

Our all courses are open to diploma & bachelor degree holders to gain a technical edge and thus prevailing in this cut-throat competetive world .