soldering station

We sell the World Finest Soldering Station iSolder-40 which is the most intelligent digitally controlled Soldering Station in the World.  For Sales Enquiry call +919971004998/ 011-47592046

soldering stationiSolder-40 : Perfect , Professional and quality soldering


  • No overshooting
  • No temperature settings
  • No calibration
  • Auto sleep and auto shut-down
  • stable power level for variable temperature levels
  • Value added and cost effective tips
  • Designed for any operator,beginners and for experts as well.
  • The iSolder-40 is the most up to date technology in soldering invented by Jovy Systems.
  • The iControl senses the amount of heat and thermal load for the solder joint,and deliver precisely the power required to the tip for generating the heat energy.
  • The iSolder-40 is very convenient for both large and small business due to reasonable price and performance. iSolder-40 is the most safe soldering station,eliminates any possibility of PCB burning or component damage.
  • The iSolder-40 is fully automated with sophisticated iControl algorithms, so it doesn’t require any user experience at all.
  • mukhesh
    #1 written by mukhesh 6 years ago

    pls tell price of soldering station

  • zozoo
    #2 written by zozoo 6 years ago

    plz price including shipment to Bombay.

  • Anish P D
    #3 written by Anish P D 5 years ago

    Price of Soldering Station

  • Anish P Devasia
    #4 written by Anish P Devasia 5 years ago

    Please price including shipment to Kerala?

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