scotle bga machine

CHIPTRONIKS is the Indian Distributor of bga machines  of Scotle brand in India. For detail call 011-43464998 .

  • peter
    #1 written by peter 5 years ago

    i have scotle ir360 i tried a hundreds od mothercoards up to now i can unsolder but i never succeeded to solder back cause motherboard don’t boot after solder backi tried different soldering profiles still without success, i even contacted and their technicians who builds these machines don’t even know the settings.
    So if their technicians who invented and build these ir360 don’t know, WHO KNOWS ???????.

    • Sunny
      #2 written by Sunny 5 years ago

      Hi, Peter, how is everything goes now? If still any question, please kindly send me mail. I am glad to help.

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