Tablet Pc Repairing

Join CHIPTRONIKS to take the most advanced tablet repairing course .CHIPTRONIKS  has finally launched a very comprehensive course on tablet PC repairing . Here is what we will do in a tablet pc repairing .

1. Card level Repairing :

  • We will understand the different parts of a tablet.
  • Installation and formatting of different types of OS like Android and Window
  • Changing Display onto a Tablet PC
  • Repairing  Power Jack and Audion Section And Adapters
  • Difference between tablet pc , ipad
  • Basic operating of tablet pc
    •  Android, operating system in tablet
    •  4.0.X ice cream sand wich
    •  3.X.X honey comb
    •  2.3.x ginger bread
    •  2.2 froya
    •  Basic used detail of android
    •  WIPES.
    •  Firmware update from sdcard
    •  How to find firmware thru pcb
    •  Flashing thru odin in Samsung
    •  Flashing thru  IUW in hcl tablet em 73
    •  Boot option in hcl standard boot, recovery boot, fdwn boot , fast boot
    •  Installation of operating systems  in tablet Pc Android operating system
    •  Upgrading operating system
    •  Changing operating systems
    •   Application installation on tablet pc
    •   Application install from market
    •   Application install from memory card
    •   Troubleshooting of Operating systems.
    •   Troubleshooting of Application software.
    •   Troubleshooting of Tablet PC
    •   Adapter /charger
    •   Battery
    •   Ram & Rom
    •   Keyboard of tablet pc
    •   Display windows Touch screen/ touchpad
    •   Display modules Lcd / TFT/ led  Display
    •   Primary Camera /secondary camera
    •   Motherboard main pcb
    •   Processor
    •   Antenna Carrier
    •   Loudspeaker
    •   Led pcb
    •   Harddisk/ memory card flashchip
    •   Bios / cmos setting
    •   Testing of parts
    •   Understanding  motherboard block diagram of Tablet PC
    •   Different section of tablet pc
    •   Top view of motherboard
    •   Bottom view of motherboard ‘
    •   Identify each chip and understand different section
    •   Working detail of tablet pc motherboardDIFFERENT SECTION OF TABLET PC
    •  Power section of tablet pc
    •  Initial failure
    •  Charging section
    •  Sim section
    •  Microphone section
    •  Speaker section
    •  Bluetooth wifi section
    •  Lcd section & troubleshooting of tablet pc
    •  Touchscreen section & troubleshooting  in tablet pc
    •  Light sensor
    •  Camera not work front/ back
    •  Gsm 850/ 900 / 1800 /WCDMA section
    •  Understanding Circuit diagram of power section
    •  Voltage measurement in Tablet pc
    •  Troubleshooting power on failure in Tablet
    •  Use of Debug card post error code.
    •  Common problem of different motherboardsPROBLEM AND SOLUTION STEPS OF TABLET
    •  Power on does not work
    •  Tablet initial failure
    •  Abnormal charging
    •  Insert sim cart (after inserting sim)
    •  Microphone not work
    •  Speaker not work
    •  Bluetooth wifi not working
    •  LCD is not work  after PWR ON
    •  Touch screen does not work
    •  Camera does not work
    •  Network Not work (gsm, 850,900,1800, wcdma)
    •  Using Oscilloscope (CRO).REPAIRING AND BGA REWORK
    •  Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD    Machine).
    •  ICs re-bolling by BGA machine. Concept
    •  BIOS update & password reset

2. Chip level Repairing :

  • Basic Electronics : We will teach you the very basic of electronics like Identification and Fault finding of basic Electronic components through Digital multimeter , Oscilloscope , Smart SMD Tweezer . We will also teach you to use USB micrsocope and SMD Tweezer simultaneously to find the fault in just 5 minutes
  • Sections of Tablet PC : We will discuss about the basic block diagram of tablet pc. Since we trach you the block diagrams, you will be in position to repair any tabltet
  • IC removal through IR BGA MACHINE RE 7500 : To work completely on tablet pc at component level you must know how to use a bga machine

3. Service Centre Class :

You will have an opportunity to work with the gigs at the famous “CHIPMENTOR” and there you will learn the tricks of trade
Join us For a revolutionary change in your existing business /career. For more details plz call 011-47592046

  • Ricardo
    #1 written by Ricardo 6 years ago

    Hi! I am from Brazil. I would like to know if you have video training, or online training. here in Brazil, we have milions of units of Chinese, Samsung, LG and Apple tablets sold. Do you have also pdf material on training? Hope to hear from you as soon as possible! Best regards, and thank you for your attention!

  • ulas
    #2 written by ulas 5 years ago

    hi there iam living england do you have online or video course ?

  • famous ehioghae
    #3 written by famous ehioghae 5 years ago

    your course fee is how much? do you offer accomodation for foreign students?

  • kingsley okoroafor
    #4 written by kingsley okoroafor 5 years ago

    your fee is how much for tablet repair,do you offer accomodation for foreign students?

  • dinesh
    #5 written by dinesh 5 years ago

    dear sir tablet pc reparing cource detislis and online traning

  • Raj
    #6 written by Raj 5 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Do you have any online facility or pdf version tablet repairing course. Thank you

  • joy
    #7 written by joy 5 years ago

    sir please send me the details for tablet-pc repairing fast-track course duration, class hours per day, fees required etc.

  • Mrs Mohamed
    #8 written by Mrs Mohamed 4 years ago

    sir please send me the details of tablet repairing course . the fees for each and i would to know if you give accommodation to female engineer who want to come take your course immediately if possible. i live in south Africa . please send me the details on my emails so i can know how i can apply and come to India from here as soon as possible . i am really interested on those course

  • mohamed rafiq
    #9 written by mohamed rafiq 4 years ago

    my tablet battery was burn due to charging . i replace that battery . where it buy new battery.if i instail 3.7 volt two battery are connected in series.
    if i conneceted my tab charging ic is what happen reply me pls pls

  • Gagandeep Singh
    #10 written by Gagandeep Singh 4 years ago

    Dear Sir

    I am well versed in Laptop Desktops repairing now I am interested to learn Chip level (BGA Level), Tab, Ipad, Iphone, Printers, TFT, Ups repairing.
    I have been working as IT Hardware (Non Chip Level) for 5 years.

    Please revert me soon.

    Gagandeep Singh

  • Carlos Medina
    #11 written by Carlos Medina 3 years ago

    Hi Sir,
    Can I have the fees of this training (Tablet) ?
    Do you have pdf support for these courses with video as I’m from North Africa.
    Kind regards.

  • rajes
    #12 written by rajes 1 year ago

    sir i want do course on apple there any course.

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