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We offer Advance Laptop Repairing Course Training in Delhi which is based on more practicals rather than theoretical. We believes  in the concept of  “the more you do , the more you learn“. After long research & market analysis we designed and developed our course structure and syllabus with the help of industry professionals like that so any trainee will easily  transform into the repairing expert with high & advance practical knowledge. In this course, you would learn how to repair all different types of laptop motherboards and there other parts using new and advance machines like BGA machine.

Chiptroniks is consider under the best 5 laptop repairing institute in delhi. There is no perquisite eligibility are required , so almost any student that is not from technical background can easily join this laptop repairing course.


Laptop Repairing Course

Laptop Repairing Course

Our Training Course Divided in Four Modules :-


In the First Module, you will get complete Basic Theoretical Concept of Laptop & Repairing :

Module  1

  • Introduction of What is laptop ? and comparison of different Laptops.
  • Schematic & Block diagram of laptop motherboards & description of all its sections.
  • Uses & Information of laptop sections and connectors.
  • Key things to know before do Assembling and disassembling of a Laptop.
  • Go through from all the parts of laptop & their use.


 In the Second Module, you will get complete Basic  Practical Concept of Laptop Repairing :

Module 2

  • How to Install operating systems.
  • How to Install application software’s
  • How to Remove  virus / malwares
  • Software troubleshooting techniques.
  • Fault finding, troubleshooting and testing techniques & tips.
  • How to change & upgrade RAM, HDD and other parts of any laptop.
  • How to Check of faulty & various parts of a different laptop.
  • How to Check of batteries life and adaptors power.
  • Assembling, disassembling & replacing different parts of a Laptop


In the Third Module, you will get complete Advance  Practical Concept of Laptop Repairing :

Module 3

  • How to repair faulty laptop motherboard & other components
  • How to repair chip level problems
  • How to repair card level problems
  • How to repair laptop using BGA and other machines

For Complete Detail Syllabus please Click Here


In the Fourth Module, you will get complete Practical Training Session.

You will do practical training on different brands motherboards and other parts as well as  in a real time work environment in our sister company’s laptop service center.

For Any Enquiry You can call us : +91 9971004993


Now You have an power to select on how much pace you would like to learn. You can learn 3 Time Modules


Duration : 5 Months (300 Hrs including practice Hrs)

Daily 2 Hrs Class
6 Day in week

Duration : 3 Months (240 Hrs including practice Hrs)

Daily 4 Hrs Class
5 Day in week

Duration : 1 Months (200 Hrs including practice Hrs)
Daily 9 Hrs Class
5 Day in week


Exclusive Features with our all courses :

CHIPTRONIKS Laptop Repairing Institute is Unparalleled because of its innovative offerings & that’s why our students are not only well placed but are doing exceptionally well in their jobs & life

1. Free Demo Classes
2. Free PDP Classes by Alumni of IIMs
3. Free toolkit
4. 100 % Job Assistance
5. 2-3 months Service Center Training
6. Life time Support in Technology Up-gradation + General Consultancy for Center Setup
7. Maximum hours of Practical Training : Our Trainers provide maximum time in Practical Training
8. Live Support at Facebook Group

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